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Our broken bone injury lawyers are committed to obtaining the best possible results for clients who suffered a break or fracture in an accident.

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Accidents That Cause Bone Breaks  

A variety of personal injury accidents can result in bone breaks.

Broken bone-related accidents that our legal team has successfully represented include:

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Common Types of Broken Bone Injuries from Accidents 

Five common types of broken bone injuries that often result from accidents include:

  1. Hairline (Stress) Fracture. An injury victim may not realize they suffered a hairline fracture as these types of breaks involve a small crack or severe bruise within a bone.   
  2. Open Fractures. These types of breaks can be both physically and visually traumatic to the accident victim as they often involve a bone fragment sticking out through the skin. Or, a severe wound where an object punctures the top layer epidermis all the way down to a broken bone. 
  3. Closed Fractures. These types of breaks involved a fractured bone without broken skin.
  4. Greenstick Fracture.  A child’s soft bones most commonly suffer these types of break. Similar to a green tree limb, a greenstick fracture occurs when a bone bends and slightly breaks, but does not completely snap apart. 
  5. Comminuted. Often diagnosed after a high-impact trauma from a car accident, a comminuted fracture occurs when a bone gets fractured into multiple pieces. 

How Much Is A Broken Bone Case Worth?

Broken Bone Injury Lawyers

The amount of compensation entitled to a person after a broken bone injury will depend on the severity of their injuries and how much their life was impacted by their accident. 

For example, a person who attempts to cross the street in a marked crosswalk and gets hit by a distracted driver suffers a fractured leg. While this pedestrian bone injury is painful and requires time away from work to heal, can result in costly medical bills, and disrupts other daily obligations, the victim will eventually heal and return to a similar life pre-accident. 

To give you a better perspective, the overall cost to diagnose and treat a broken bone in 2021 without insurance was approximately $2,500+. The cost increases exponentially if surgery is required for treatment. When you add in two weeks of missed wages and any additionally incurred costs, you could easily find yourself facing thousands of dollars because of another person’s reckless actions.   

Conversely, a  person who suffers a broken back in a rear-end motor vehicle accident that results in a permanent disability could be entitled to compensation for medical expenses, long-term therapeutic care, lost wages, and other damages. 

Ultimately, the overall worth of an accident victim’s case may include reimbursement for medical bills, lost wages, as well as compensation for non-economic damages such as pain, suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, and more.

Our broken bones lawyers know the physical and financial impact fracture injuries can have on accident victims. That’s why we’re here to ensure your legal rights to compensation are protected, which make it possible for you to focus on what matters most, your recovery.

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