What if My Injuries From a Nevada Car Accident Don’t Appear Right Away?

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The moments following a Nevada car accident can be confusing and frightening. One minute everything is fine, and the next minute: chaos.

“Is everyone okay?” “Do we call the police?” “Oh, no, my car!” In any kind of traumatic event like a car crash, our brains automatically release chemicals in response.

Combine this with the adrenaline that suddenly begins racing through our body, it is all too common for these chemicals to mask any kind of pain that may be emanating from an injury.
If this happens to you, you may be wondering, “What if my injuries from a car accident in Las Vegas don’t show up right away?”

How Would I Not Know I Have Been Injured?

There are several types of injuries that may have delayed symptoms. The most dangerous ones include brain injuries and internal injuries. Brain injury symptoms, like a concussion, are often slow to appear.

The same applies to internal injuries or internal bleeding. By the time a person is showing symptoms, it can be a matter of life or death if they do not get medical attention in time.

There is often a delay of symptoms with soft tissue injuries, such as whiplash. It may not be until hours or days later that you suddenly start feeling the pain coming from the injured area. Sometimes the area also begins to swell. Delaying treatment of soft tissue injuries can also result in serious damage.

Remember, anytime you are in a car crash, even a minor one, seek medical attention right away. Most important to note, get examined and make sure you have not suffered any injuries. This exam could save you from more serious injuries, as well as establish that the injury was a result of the car crash.

If you delay seeing a doctor, the insurance company could try to use that against you as a way of denying your claim. They could accuse you of sustaining the injury after the accident, or they could even go as far as accusing you of lying about being injured at all.

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