Arizona Traffic Fatalities on the Rise During Spring Break

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Your Arizona car accident lawyer wants you to stay safe over spring break.

Spring break is a great time for college students and families with younger children to hit the road for some fun. But this time of year can also mean an increase in traffic fatalities. In this blog, an Arizona car accident lawyer offers information about how and why this occurs, as well how to help avoid it. Be safe out on the roads.

What Happens During Spring Break?

A study referenced by Science Daily found that in popular spring break destinations, such as Arizona, the weekly death toll from car accidents was higher during the spring break season. Many of these instances involved out-of-state drivers, and drivers were often under 25 years old.

The study found that the increase occurred in counties that were spring break hot spots. The danger affects spring break drivers and their passengers, as well as residents and other visitors to these popular destinations.

Why Does an Increase in Auto Fatalities Occur?

Previous studies have shown an increase in alcohol consumption that could cause an increase in deadly wrecks during spring break. Some of the following factors may have also had an effect on the increase:

  • Younger drivers – Drivers age 25 and younger were found to have a higher risk of fatalities, probably due to their relative lack of driving experience.
  • Unfamiliar roads – Unlike residents, spring break visitors are unfamiliar with Arizona roads and find them harder to navigate. They may take certain turns too fast or try to exit at the last minute to avoid missing their turn.
  • Distractions – Spring break drivers may have other passengers in the car, which can be distracting, and their attention may also be diverted by music, texting or trying to get directions from an app or GPS.

What You Could do to Help Reduce Fatalities

The study suggests that popular spring break destinations offer incentives for visitors so they can avoid driving during the day. Spring breakers bring money into communities by staying in hotels, eating meals in restaurants, and engaging in local activities. Local governments could fund incentives to help spring breakers avoid driving. The incentives could save lives.

Local Chambers of Commerce and visitors’ centers could provide vouchers for free rides from taxis, public transportation, or Lyft/Uber.

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