Multi-Car Accident Attorneys

Multi-Car Accidents

About one-third of all motor vehicle accidents involve more than two automobiles. These multi-vehicle accidents are commonly referred to as pile-ups. Pile-ups have as few as three vehicles and in the worst case scenario, several dozen. Due to the number of drivers involved, these types of car accidents have the potential to become complicated legal battles.

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Why Multi-Vehicle Accidents Occur

It is surprisingly easy for multi-car accidents to occur. All it takes is a single driver to be distracted and smash into a vehicle. In turn, that vehicle can smash into another vehicle and so on. If there are enough vehicles lined up, dozens can be damaged.

Inclement weather can also reduce visibility and make roads slippery, causing one vehicle to strike another and create a domino effect. Impaired driving is another common cause of multi-vehicle accidents.

The Danger of Multi-Car Accidents

These accidents are particularly dangerous as thousands of pounds of metal and glass can fly in all directions. It is possible for several drivers and passengers to endure life-threatening injuries or even perish.

In fact, multi-car collisions are much more deadly than the typical two-vehicle collision. This is due to the fact that numerous vehicles can hit one car from different angles in successive fashion. The impact from each additional vehicle can damage a vehicle in a way that bends steel and gasoline leaks out.

If a fire starts, the situation becomes that much more dangerous as vehicles can explode and trapped passengers can suffocate due to a lack of oxygen or burn to death. Making matters worse is the fact that multi-vehicle collisions commonly cause roadway blockages that prevent rescue and fire vehicles from reaching the crash site.

How Fault is Determined

It is quite challenging to determine who is at fault in a multi-vehicle collision. Every single driver has a duty of care to others on the road. One must drive reasonably and carefully in every context. The failure to provide due care to others is referred to as negligence. A negligent driver who causes injury or property damage to another person is the at-fault party. A victim can legally pursue compensation from the at-fault driver(s).

The typical insurance payout for a multi-vehicle accident is quite high. This is precisely why auto insurance companies assign experienced auto accident investigators to such claims. The drivers who are at-fault rarely admit they acted in a negligent manner. The investigator is tasked with trying to pinpoint the underlying cause of the accident and identifying the driver responsible for the damage.

The Legal Battle

You need a savvy lawyer on your side to prove another driver’s negligence is responsible for your injuries and the damage to your vehicle. This is a difficult task that requires the assistance of a proven legal professional. When you contact us, our legal team will listen carefully and learn all the details to help determine the best case scenarios regarding your case.

We will also deal directly with the insurance company, represent you in a court of law if necessary, and help you obtain the most compensation you deserve.

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