Seat Belt Safety Myths

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To say there is plenty of misinformation about the topic of seat belts would be an understatement. A considerable portion of the population believes some alleged facts about seat belts that are actually untrue. Below, our Nevada injury attorney separates fact from fiction.

Myth #1: Seat Belts Can Trap Vehicle Occupants During Collisions

This is one of the most pervasive myths regarding seat belts. Seat belts actually have the potential to prevent you from being trapped in your vehicle. Strap on your seat belt and you will stand a much better chance of remaining conscious during the violent chaos of a car accident. Fail to wear your seat belt and you might end up knocked unconscious and unable to exit your vehicle. The inability to exit a vehicle on fire or submerged in water can often prove fatal.

Myth #2: There is no Need for a Seat Belt in a Vehicle With Multiple Air Bags

Though airbags do an excellent job of protecting vehicle occupants, the engineers who designed these inflation devices made them to safeguard those wearing seat belts. Seat belts serve the purpose of positioning vehicle occupants so the airbag’s deployment does not harm them. Those who fail to wear a seat belt run the risk of sliding beneath it and hitting the windshield or dashboard. It is also possible a vehicle occupant who refuses to wear a seat belt could be ejected from the front seat regardless of whether the airbag deploys.

Myth #3: Seat Belts are Ineffective at Preventing Injury and Death

Most of those killed in automobile accidents failed to wear a seat belt. In fact, studies show more than half of all drivers and passengers killed in auto accidents failed to wear a restraint. Seat belts decrease the chance of serious injury and death in auto accidents by nearly 50 percent.

Myth #4: There is no Reason to Wear a Seat Belt for a Trip to Nearby Locations

This is one of the most dangerous myths pertaining to seat belts. The vast majority of trips are routine in nature. Take a moment to think about the places you drive. You likely drive to the gas station, grocery store, post office, gym, and your child’s school. Most of these destinations are usually within 20 miles of home. Furthermore, these routine trips likely cover ground governed by a speed limit of 45 mph or less. Traveling in familiar areas, completing routine tasks, and traveling at a fairly low rate of speed could undoubtedly cause you to lower your guard and consequently heighten the chances of an accident. Therefore, always use your seat belt. Even for the most mundane and quick errands.

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