Hospital Error Attorneys

Hospital Error Attorneys
Do you believe that you have suffered from medical malpractice? The hospital error attorneys at Lerner and Rowe are ready to help.

Most hospitals provide excellent care for their patients. As such, patients generally feel confident as they go in for a doctor’s visit or procedure. During their visit, a patient may be treated by a doctor, nurse, orderly, medical technician, or another provider. Thus, a patient may go through many different medical episodes during their time in the hospital. With so many different facets of health care colliding at once, however, mistakes happen. When mistakes happen, those patients suffer the consequences.

Here at Lerner and Rowe, our team of hospital error attorneys is ready to offer legal assistance if you have faced harm due to negligence.  We have representatives standing by 24/7, 365 days a year. So, if you believe that you or a family member suffered from a hospital error or wrongful death, contact our medical malpractice lawyers today.

What Causes Hospital Errors?

When our team of hospital error attorneys takes on a hospital error case, they also work closely with select, knowledgeable medical professionals. By joining both, we are able to look deeply into the causes and outcomes of a potential negligence case. These causes may be:

  • Communication Issues. If a nurse forgets to share essential information about their patient with the doctor, and that patient is left untreated, serious injury can occur.
  • Procedures not followed.  All medical providers in a hospital must understand and follow the hospital’s set of protocols and procedures. They should be informed of any policy changes and never take any shortcuts. When procedures are not followed, mistakes can happen and patients can suffer serious injury or wrongful death.
  • Staffing errors. Sometimes, hospitals make scheduling errors. For instance, some medical providers are forced to work too many or too long of shifts. Because of this, they become fatigued and more prone to stress. Stressful situations are less than optimal when caring for someone else.
  • Technical failure. Unfortunately, medical devices and equipment may not be well-maintained. A medical provider may then use sub-par or defective equipment on a patient. This can cause severe personal injury or even wrongful death.
  • Policy failure.  Hospitals should have a set of strong policies. These policies keep patients and providers alike safe. If the policies do not exist, patients are the ones at risk. Similarly, all providers must be well-trained on hospital policy. If the hospital does not have policies or fails to train its staff, medical malpractice can occur.

These are only a few examples of hospital errors. If you have been harmed at a medical facility, our hospital error attorneys at Lerner and Rowe will look at these and any other potential causes to help determine if they resulted in your injuries.

Common Hospital Error Injuries

When a hospital error occurs, the results can be life-altering or deadly. Sadly, most of these injuries are entirely preventable. For instance:

  • Catheters and feeding tubes may be left inside the body too long.
  • As hospitals are constantly being cleaned and sanitized, slip and falls may occur in areas where the floor is not dried.
  • Patients confined to wheelchairs or beds may not be moved often enough and develop bedsores. Infrequent movement can also result in blood clots that may form in the legs, which could then travel to the lungs, heart, or brain, causing death.
  • An air embolism may enter the blood during surgery or other procedure, stopping the flow of blood entirely.
  • A medical provider, or the equipment itself, may administer the incorrect medicine or dosage, causing an intravenous (IV) overdose.

If you have suffered one of these injuries, or another due to hospital errors, don’t try to handle a medical malpractice claim alone. Instead, use your time to heal while we fight for justice.

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