Why Do Insurance Companies Offer Low Payout for Injuries?

Yuma personal injuries

Ask anyone who has been injured as a result of another person or organization’s failure to provide due care about insurance company settlement offers and you will likely receive a negative response. Such offers are almost always lower than expected. Insurance companies roll out such a low figure at the start of the claim process in an attempt to sucker injured individuals into accepting as little money as possible, close the claim and move on to the next one. This is true for Yuma personal injuries of all types.

The Logic

Though insurance coverage certainly provides peace of mind, it is important to remember insurance is a business. Insurance companies are primarily focused on making money. The profit motive is precisely why insurance companies roll out low initial offers. In many cases, the initial offer is unreasonable. However, this does not mean a settlement is impossible. The initial offer is typically rejected and countered with an offer on the opposite end of the spectrum.

In many cases, the insurance company will counter this comparably high offer with a second offer. The plaintiff’s (the injured party) attorney will review all counter offers with clients and discuss whether settling at the proposed figure is prudent. It might be determined that countering with yet another offer is the best decision. Oftentimes, the end result is a settlement amount that both parties find acceptable. So do not believe the insurance company claims examiner if he or she states teaming up with an attorney will dramatically reduce your payout. The truth is an attorney will maximize your compensation.

Steps to Take to Maximize Compensation

The first step to take following any Yuma personal injuries: get medical treatment. Have your wounds, broken bones, bruises and other injured body sites tended to as quickly as possible. If possible, take pictures of the accident site or draw a picture. The other party’s insurance company will likely contact you soon after the incident. This manner in which you handle this conversation is of the utmost importance. Do not accept the initial offer! You need an experienced attorney on your side to determine if the settlement offer is reasonable. It is almost a certainty this first offer will be quite low.

The optimal strategy is to avoid discussing the incident and injury with the insurance provider until you have consulted with one of our highly skilled personal injury attorneys. Let our experienced legal professionals handle settlement negotiations on your behalf. You can rest easy, tend to your injuries and relax.

Otherwise, there is a good chance you will fall into one of the many traps laid by insurance companies. Our attorneys are well aware of these tactics. We will obtain the best possible offer. In fact, plenty of insurance companies will increase their offer as soon as the injured party hands off settlement talks to an experienced personal injury attorney.

Obtain Compensation for Yuma Personal Injuries

If another person or institution’s lack of due care has caused you any sort of pain, lost time at work or medical bills, do not accept a low payout from the insurance company. You deserve adequate compensation to address all of the expenses associated with the injury including medical costs, time lost at work and also your pain.

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