What to Do If You Are Injured By a Drunk Minor in Las Vegas?

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It’s common knowledge that people “under the influence” of alcohol can be mean, temperamental, and/or physically aggressive. Or just really clumsy. In Las Vegas, and the state of Nevada, when hurt by a drunk, you can’t seek damages from the licensed business that served too much alcohol to the customer who hurt you. You may need to know what the Nevada dram shop laws are and if you have a case.

Ethical Nevada bartenders try to ‘keep tabs’ on their patrons, and if they suspect a customer of extreme intoxication, their service stops. Usually, they switch to water.

It’s simply the right thing to do, with or without laws for liability. Drunks are dangerous to everyone, not to mention themselves. Unfortunately, some people don’t appear as drunk as they are.

Responsible bartenders also refuse to serve underage drinkers, but sometimes it happens. There are fake IDs and older looking minors. People are only human after all. Not an excuse, but a consideration.

If you are injured or suffer property damage by a drunk minor, Nevada dram shop laws may offer an option for you to recover damages.

Nevada Dram Shop Laws

The Dram Shop Act varies by state throughout the U.S. Contact us to learn more.

For most states, it holds financially liable any company that sells liquor to a customer who becomes intoxicated at their place of business. The establishment can be responsible for personal injuries and/or damage.

In Nevada, you may only bring a civil case against the intoxicated adult  that caused you personal injury or property damage.

NRS 41.1305 covers injury or damages you’ve suffered as a result of an establishment serving a minor who becomes intoxicated at their place of business in Nevada.

How Nevada Dram Shop Laws Work

To prove a business was negligent in serving alcohol to a minor, you can request security tapes or present eyewitness accounts. Especially do this when the minor appears drunk. This helps your potential case. They may not want to turn over the tapes, but this makes it better for you.

However, if a bar evicts a drunk and/or disorderly minor, it may not be liable for injury or damages the underage drinker caused afterward. They did their job, at least in the eyes of the law.

Nevada dram shop laws include:

  • Social gatherings where the host serves an underage drinker who becomes intoxicated and causes injury or property damage.
  • Adults giving minors money to purchase alcohol.
  • Leaving alcohol with knowledge that minors will drink it.

“Kids will be kids” is not a valid excuse. People die due to bad decisions. Don’t be the one that serves the minors. Please stay safe. And, keep those around you safe.

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If you have suffered a personal injury, you deserve compensation for the problems you now have. Nevada dram shop laws are not as severe as many other states’ laws. However, a business that serves alcohol to an under-21 (minor) drinker is liable under Nevada dram shop laws.

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