Should I Feel Guilty About Pursuing a Personal Injury Case in Nevada?

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Getting injured in an accident is often a traumatic experience, involving recovery and rehab that can often be painful. Compounding the experience are the financial expenses that require legal attention through a personal injury case in Nevada.

The entire experience can be difficult enough if the person responsible for the accident is a stranger, but what happens if that person is a friend or family member?

In these situations, many victims question whether they should even pursue an injury claim, asking themselves, “Should I feel guilty about pursuing a personal injury case in Nevada?”


The financial expenses caused by an accident are expensive. Even minor injuries can mean thousands of dollars in medical bills and the time missed from work. More serious injuries can really cause financial hardships on the victim.


When you file a personal injury claim in an accident where a family member or friend was responsible, you are filing it against their insurance company, not against them. You need compensation for the enormous amount of expenses you may face.

Insurance exists for this reason – whether car, home, or another type – to ensure proper compensation for victims in accidents.

In accidents where a passenger receives injuries, the passenger and driver know each other. So why should you feel guilty getting justice?

So, having a personal relationship with the driver who caused the accident is common. This also happens to be one that personal injury lawyers and insurance companies deal with daily.

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