Everyday Causes of Car Accidents in Yuma

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No one wants to get into a car accident. Unfortunately, no matter how carefully you drive, you are always vulnerable to the negligent actions of others. That is why our Yuma attorneys want to help you understand the most common causes of car accidents so that you can avoid them when possible.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving is the leading cause of automobile accidents. Today, distracted drivers are often talking or texting on a cell phone, eating a meal, applying makeup or interacting with passengers in the vehicle. If you see a driver who is distracted, try to keep a safe distance between both vehicles.


Driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is dangerous under any circumstance. These substances impair the ability of a driver to think clearly and to react to changing circumstances in a timely manner. If you see a car you suspect is being driven under the influence, call law enforcement immediately and keep a safe distance.


Speeding is an easy way for accidents to occur. It is not unusual for drivers to go 20 to 30 miles over the speed limit. This gives the driver less time to react to changing circumstances, which means more severe accidents. Get out of the way of speeding drivers if at all possible to avoid a collision.

Reckless Driving

Reckless driving happens when drivers get impatient and start driving aggressively. This can come in the form of tailgating, going high speeds, whipping in and out of traffic, and being generally aggressive. When you encounter a car driven by a reckless driver, try to stay a safe distance away or move out of its path.


Rain can cause streets to become slick. If a driver is going too fast or not paying attention, it is easy for a car to hydroplane and go out of control. This can cause severe accidents to unsuspecting motorists.

Not Stopping for Red Lights

Running red lights is a behavior that causes thousands of accidents every year. Common excuses include being late for work, needing to get home or just being in a hurry. None of those excuses justify the accidents that occur because someone decides to ignore the red light. When approaching any traffic light, glance both ways to see if drivers are stopping as they should.

Night Driving

Night driving is a hazard for drivers of all ages. When there is no sunlight, obstacles are more difficult to spot. Some drivers fail to realize this and travel at the same speeds they travel during the day. That is a dangerous formula for accidents. Drive at safe speeds whenever you are out at night and try to keep a safe distance between cars.

When Should You Call Yuma Attorneys?

When you are in an accident, it can be difficult to prioritize everything. You car has been damaged and your passengers may be dealing with injuries. You have to call your insurance agent and you need to deal with the police. Your car may need towing.

In the midst of all of this, it can be difficult to remember that you need to protect yourself in the process. Obtaining legal representation from our Yuma attorneys is essential, especially when you are the victim of a negligent driver.

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