Common Causes of Child Injuries During Holiday Season

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The holiday season should be a time that is filled with love, warmth, joy and plenty of happy memories. However, many people do not realize that this particular time of the year can be especially dangerous and holds extra potential to turn into a tragic time. Our personal injury attorneys in Bullhead City, AZ want to make sure that this, and every holiday season in your future is void of any such tragedy.

With that in mind, please mind the following potential child injuries that often occur during the holiday season.

Accidental Burns

Burns are by far, one of the most horrific and tragic of all injuries because they are extremely painful and can cause permanent damage to your skin and nerves. They are particularly tragic when they happen to children. During the holidays, you are more likely to be cooking more and lighting more fires in the fireplace. Both pose a greater threat to your children during the holidays so be careful to keep children away from the stove and the fireplace. Also be sure to give children a refresher course about fire safety ahead of time. Many house fires can start from deep-fried turkeys and Christmas trees during this time.

Choking On Food

Endless buffets of indulgent foods seem to be around every corner during the holidays. Often children will get hyper-excited about being able to try and eat all of these special foods, causing them to eat too quickly and choke. Keep an eye on your little ones when they are eating so that you can help them if they run into some trouble.

Slipping On Slick Surfaces

If you live in a climate that gets winter time weather, you know that slippery surfaces are lurking everywhere during these months. Make sure to provide your children with sensible footwear that will help to prevent them from slipping and falling on any slick or slippery surface.

Choking On Hazardous Toys

One of the greatest joys of the holiday season for adults is getting to shower children with gifts. Of course, the majority of those gifts are toys. Keep in mind, that many friends and relatives that are not familiar with age appropriate toys. They could be very likely to gift your child with a toy that could be a choking hazard. While this is certainly unintentional on their part, it is still a serious threat. Prevent a choking tragedy by monitoring the gifts your children receive prior to letting them play with them.

Parking Lot Accidents

Parking lots are another danger zone during the holidays. Of course there is the risk of falling on the ice. However, there are also a lot more distracted and aggressive drivers populating parking lots, especially in shopping malls. It can be very easy for a distracted driver to hit a child that is also not paying attention. Remind your children about how to be safe in parking lots and keep them especially close this time of year.

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