Chicago: More Bad News for Injured Bicyclists: Medical Expenses Skyrocket

bike injuries
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Chicago is creating roadways to cater to riders, and encouraging non-bikers to get fit. Biking has many health benefits, such as getting in shape and improving heart and lung function.

Bicycle use become more popular, but there have been more accidents, with medical costs rising rapidly by $789 million yearly, according to a study published in June by UC San Francisco.

The report found that costs of bike injuries to US adults totaled $237 billion from 1997 to 2013. In 2013, costs from bike accidents were over $24.4 billion, twice medical/various costs associated with occupational illnesses during the same year.

Age and Bike Injuries

There were 3.8 million non-deadly bike injuries and 9,839 deaths between 1997 to 2013. Notably, men were involved in over 75% of reported accidents. While this seems like a high percentage, stay heartened. The benefits from biking every day far outweigh the dangers.

But there are risks from accidents to older bikers over the age of 45. Research seems to say that, in the last 15 years, hospital visits due to bike crash injuries jumped by a whopping 120%.

As older adults bike, injuries increase because of changes in traffic, more bikes commuting, and changes in car design. Bike crashes with cars and trucks cost more because of the speed of the impact.

One point to take from the study: learn the lessons from the biking community in Europe, with more riders and less crashes. Safety first. Perhaps some of the European lessons will come across the pond.

The scope of the financial impact due to bike injuries is striking and begs for safer cycling options. While those over 45 should think about the costs and risks associated with biking in Chicago, the City should put additional focus on the injury prevention and safety awareness. Contact us today to get more info. Don’t wait!