2024 February Pantry Packs Program

Make a Difference Today! Fight Hunger with Valley of the Sun United Way’s Pantry Packs!

2024 February Pantry Packs Program

Imagine a child worrying where their next meal will come from. Now, picture filling that gap with essential groceries, delivered discreetly through their backpack! This vision of positive change is one of the reasons for our team’s continuous support.

That’s the power of Valley of the Sun United Way’s Pantry Packs program, and YOU can be a part of it!

Here’s why you should get excited:

  • Impactful: Reach 1,500 students monthly, ensuring their families have food staples throughout the school year. ‍‍‍
  • Efficient: Donate, and ALT AZ 93-3, Lerner & Rowe will pack the Pantry Packs with essential “shelf-stable pantry items” like oatmeal, fruit cups, and peanut butter.
  • Targeted: Reach families in need at participating schools with Free & Reduced Lunch rates of 81% to 99%.
  • Timely: Address the intensified food insecurity caused by the current situation. 

Food insecurity is a real problem: 1 in 5 children face hunger, and 400,830 individuals in Maricopa County struggle with chronic food insecurity.

How You Can Help Bring About Positive Change

You can join us in supporting this high impact community program! Your donation to the 2024 February Pantry Packs program can help:

  • Reduce stress for families struggling to put food on the table.
  • Improve children’s health and education by ensuring they have nutritious meals.
  • Build a stronger community by fighting hunger together.

Contributions, no matter how big or small, make a difference!

How Your Dollars Create Mighty Change:

  • $8 – Provides one Pantry Pack
  • $16 – Provides 2 Pantry Packs
  • $32 – Provides 4 Pantry Packs
  • $64 – Provides 8 Pantry Packs

Don’t wait – visit altaz933.com/pantry-packs and join the fight against hunger now!