I wanted to take this

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank the wonderful staff (Mindy Stecyk, Jordan Hamilton, Richard Hutchinson and Melissa Priego) at Lerner and Rowe for their assistance during a difficult time for me. I was really getting the run around with the other party’s insurance company and I simply wanted to get seen for my pain. Mindy was fantastic. She helped calm me down and guided me through all the steps. I was able to be seen and start my therapy quickly. I appreciate everyone’s patience with me. I am not normally on my personal email due to the long hours I spend on my work laptop. It took me an extended period of time to get back to folks and they never wavered. Mindy would call and email to check in on how I was doing. Jordan kept on me regarding my paperwork. Mr. Hutchinson took my case and was able to resolve it . Melissa squared away all my bills. Thank you all. I truly appreciate it.