How Can a Car Accident Lawyer in Tucson be Useful in a Multi-Car Crash?

Many car accidents involve only one or two cars. And if that’s the case, determining who’s at fault is often straightforward. But in a multi-car accident in Arizona, the situation can be more complicated and confusing. A car accident lawyer in Tucson can help you navigate this situation and ensure the protection of your rights. Whether you’re somewhat at fault, completely at fault, or totally blameless. You’ll need a lawyer to help you handle the other drivers’ insurance companies and lawyers. We’re here to help.

The following are some important things to know about filing a claim for a multi-car accident in Arizona with the help of a car accident lawyer in Tucson:

What Makes These Types of Accidents More Complicated?

If two vehicles cause an accident, assigning blame can be more direct. For example, if someone hits you from behind, the fault will often fall to the other driver.

But when more than two cars are part of a collision, it can sometimes complicate the situation. One or more drivers can be at fault, and multiple drivers and passengers may have injuries. Because vehicles can impact in multiple areas, sometimes repeatedly, injuries are more likely to occur and more likely to be severe. The same is true of property damage.

In some cases, the idea of comparative negligence comes into play. This can help determine who is at fault and to what degree.

What is Comparative Negligence?

Some states, such as Arizona, follow a doctrine of  comparative negligence. This means that multiple drivers may be at fault. The percentage of blame assigned to them influences the amount of damages they might receive if they file a claim.

For example, if you are 20% at fault in a multi-car accident, the court may reduce the damages you may have been able to normally recover (for medical bills, property damage, etc.) by that amount.

When this type of incident occurs, law enforcement and insurance companies will look at several factors in order to assign blame. They may consider the position of the vehicles, sobriety of each driver, working condition of each car (functioning brake lights, etc.), and weather conditions. .

What Should You do if You’re in a Multi-car Accident in Arizona?

Put your hazard lights on so you’ll be visible to other vehicles. Call 911 and stay in your vehicle with your seat-belt on until EMS or law enforcement personnel tell you it’s safe to get out of the vehicle. If you get out of your car too soon, another passing car could hit you.

If you or any of your passengers suffer injuries, seek medical attention. Don’t assume that your injuries are minor, since a traumatic brain injury or  soft tissue injuries can be common after a multi-car vehicle accident.

Once law enforcement has secured the scene, take notes about the accident if it’s possible for you to do so. This will help you remember the accident more clearly later on and will help you in filing a claim or defending yourself against another driver’s claim.

Call your insurance company or agent as well as a car accident lawyer in Tucson.

Getting Help from a Car Accident Lawyer in Tucson

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