Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month: Be Rider Aware

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Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month

Every year, thousands of motorcyclists die in preventable accidents on US roads. Tens of thousands more are injured. Sadly, the Tucson motorcycle accident lawyers at Lerner and Rowe see more of these avoidable cases than they would like to. To help celebrate Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month and curb these accidents, here are some valuable safety tips from our attorneys.

Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month for Bikers

In a large portion of the motorcycle accident cases our team has handled, the cause of the crash was not something the motorcyclist did or did not do. It was simply because they were not seen by the driver of a car or truck. Here’s how you can help to prevent this type of accident.

Be bike aware. Motorcycles are harder to spot than cars or trucks, so you need to actively look out for them on the road.

Don’t try to share the lane. Even if it seems like there’s enough room for your vehicle and a motorcycle to share the lane, riders need a full lane width to operate their motorcycles safely.

Don’t assume their signal means they’re turning. Unlike cars, most motorcycles don’t have self-canceling turn signals. So if a motorcyclist has a signal on, wait to make sure he or she is actually turning and hasn’t just forgotten to turn their signal off.

Always use your turn signals to indicate your intentions on the road, well before you change lanes or make a turn.

Don’t tailgate. It’s even more dangerous to tailgate a motorcycle than it is to do this to another car. Motorcycles are more affected by uneven payment, potholes, gravel, and wet surfaces. Abrupt changes to driving conditions can cause bikers to suddenly change speed or their position on the road.

Always check your blind spot. Motorcyclists often report that car drivers simply don’t check their blind spot before turning.

Before you open a car door, take extra care to look for motorcycles on the road next to your car. Even if your car is stationary, you and any bikers alongside your vehicle could be hurt or killed if you don’t double check.

Avoid stopping suddenly when you have a motorcycle behind you. It can be tough to stop quickly when you’re on a motorcycle, and many riders find themselves rear-ending vehicles that come to an abrupt halt.

Use Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month to make these tips part of your everyday driving habits. However, you should be aware that motorcycles aren’t the only atypical vehicles on the roads. Car and truck drivers should also watch out for bicycles and scooters. Here are some tips for sharing the road with those vehicles.

Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month for Bicyclists

Respect bicyclists’ rights. Arizona law gives bicyclists the same rights and responsibilities that other drivers have, so you’ll need to yield the right of way to them just as you would a motorist.

Be patient when passing. If you’re passing a bicyclist, wait until it’s safe to do so. Allowing at least three feet of clearance between your vehicle and the rider when you’re passing them goes a long way towards preventing a bicycle accident.

Be careful when you’re turning. If you’re turning right, don’t try to speed past a bicyclist who’s on your right in an attempt to turn before they reach your car. They could end up crashing into the passenger side of your car. When you’re turning left, make sure to yield to bicyclists who are going straight through the intersection in the opposite direction. You may not realize how fast they’re going, especially if they’re headed down an incline.

Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month for Scooter Riders

Check your blind spot carefully. Scooters are very compact vehicles, so they can be harder to see under certain conditions. If you’re changing lanes, make sure they’re not in your blind spot.

Watch for sudden movements. Scooters are more mobile than many other larger types of vehicles, so watch them very closely in case their drivers make sudden, unexpected movements.

Be especially careful near colleges. Students often love the mobility and affordability that scooters offer, so be especially careful when you’re driving near the University of Arizona and other schools.

Contact a Tucson Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

Teaching car and truck drivers to be more bike-aware is a great start to Tucson Motorcycle Awareness Month. However, not all motorists will be mindful of bikers. This is why you need to be aware of your surroundings and be as visible as possible. Additionally, avoid riding in bad weather or when you’re tired. Further, drive defensively and keep a large safe zone around yourself when you ride.

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