Social Security

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Sometimes, unfortunate mishaps happen and can leave a person with a temporary or permanent disability. These injuries can cause physical disablement and monetary losses due to the loss of employment because the injured is no longer able to continue working.

What Are Social Security Benefits?

Social Security benefits were established to help off-set some of the financial burdens someone with a disability may face after an injury. However, filing a social security disability insurance claim properly can be a major hurdle to getting essential benefits. Here at Lerner and Rowe, our team of social security advocates and representatives will provide legal assistance to help you prepare and file a SSDI claim so that you get all of the money you may be entitled to.

We commit to:

  • Helping you prepare your application.
  • Making sure you have all necessary documents and records.
  • Making sure you submit your application and also, supporting documents to the appropriate authorities on time.

Ultimately, our social security advocates and representatives are here to help ensure you get financial assistance that will allow you to lead a life full of security and dignity.

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Our Tucson social security lawyers will help you file an appeal for a previously denied social security insurance claim. Your previous application may only be missing a few medical or supportive documents. We will review your previous application and documentations to help ensure that when you file your appeal; your request for assistance will have a better chance of approval.

The lawyers here at Lerner and Rowe will even fight for the dependents of a deceased person to help them claim financial relief and benefits under social security laws. Get in touch with our experienced social security disability legal team today for a free consultation. You may contact us by calling 520-977-1900, submitting an online case review form, or clicking on the live chat box.