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Under Arizona’s workers’ compensation laws, an employer is required to carry workers’ compensation insurance. These state laws are designed and enacted in the event that a worker gets hurt, disabled or dies from a work related injury. The purpose of this insurance: to provide victims with monetary compensation to help cover medical expenses, health care treatments and possibly lost wages after receiving injuries at work.

As an employee that has suffered from a work related injury, you have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim, without any negative retaliation from your employer. Some employers may not cooperate with the workers’ comp process. If this occurs, it is good to have an experienced Tucson workers’ compensation attorney fighting to get you the compensation you deserve. The laws associated with workers’ compensation are very complex. This can make filing the paperwork on your own a time consuming and confusing task.

Let the attorneys here at Lerner and Rowe help! We will set you up with a lawyer who has the experience and knowledgeable about the workers’ comp laws and can help you put together a case to receive all of the compensation you may deserve.

What Should I do?

Seek medical attention immediately after your injury and keep a copy of all records for your personal files. You will want to make sure that your physician’s report lists all injuries, the extent of the injuries as well as any time off necessary for proper recovery. This information will be a good point of reference for your attorney to establish the severity of your injury and estimate the proper compensation.

Notify your supervisor as soon as possible after you accident! You have a limited window of opportunity to notify your employer of any workplace injury obtained. There is only a seven day grace period. Failing to report your injury within the required time frame may mean non-approval. This also makes it more difficult for a workers’ compensation attorney to help with your claim.

After notifying your employer, make sure that you get a copy of your written accident report; specifically to keep for your personal records. Keeping a record of all of these documents can help if ever your workers’ comp claim refuted. Our lawyers will be able to use them to support your claim and get you your full compensation.

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The workers compensation attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys are experienced at handling Tucson workers’ comp claims. We will help with your initial workers’ compensation claim; or to file an appeal if your previous claim has been denied.

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