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With an accident survival rate of 97.5%*, air travel is considered to be one of the safest modes of transportation. However, when a plane crash does occur, passenger injuries are generally more severe than other transportation related accidents.

If you or a loved one is hurt in a plane crash, we encourage you to contact an aviation accident attorney immediately. At Lerner & Rowe, our attorneys represent clients of plane and helicopter accidents in Tucson and throughout Arizona.

Aside from helping clients seek immediate medical care with no upfront cost, we also seek to recover the most compensation possible. Our legal team will help make sure that your injuries and damages are taken care of long-term.

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Injured in a Plane Crash?

The seriousness of injuries and the potential of multiple parties being at fault can make plane crash injury claims more complex and time consuming than other personal injury cases.

Injuries you may face after a plane crash include:

Our Tucson plane crash injury attorneys and legal support team will help you as long as needed to get you the best possible results. We understand the unique challenges plane crash accidents can create and how to find solutions to these problems.

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*Source: National Transportation Safety Board released a report stating that since 1983, the passenger survival rate of plane crashes is 95.7%.