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School Bus Safety Tips for Driver, Parents & Kids

While some kids are still enjoying their summertime freedom, Phoenix area students are already heading back to the classroom. Gearing up for the new school year means watching out for those big, yellow buses during regular commutes. School buses are one of the safest forms of transportation and accidents are rare because school districts take every measure to ensure drivers are well trained to avoid collisions and keep their young passengers safe. Parents and other motorists should also do their parts in ensuring every child’s safety, not only while they’re on the bus, but also getting on and off.

Safety Tips for Motorists

As a motorist, you should always be aware of what a school bus is doing. Although buses are designed to withstand most crashes without serious injuries or fatalities, serious crashes can have heartbreaking results. Further, many fatalities occur while children are entering or exiting the bus. Phoenix bus accident attorneys suggest you:

  • Slowdown in school zones and other areas children are present
  • Heed all school bus warning lights and mechanical stop signs
  • Come to a complete stop when buses are loading or unloading passengers
  • Wait to proceed until lights stop flashing and stop sign lowers

Safety Tips for Parents and Kids

As a parent, you can help prevent accidents by teaching your children the safest ways to get on and off buses. Train children to avoid the bus’s danger zone and to stay alert when entering or exiting a loading area. Remind them to watch for cars who aren’t watching for them and to make sure the bus driver can see them at all times, by:

  • Taking five giant steps away from the bus
  • Keeping eye contact with the driver
  • Always crossing in front of the bus
  • Never going back for anything
  • Never bending down in front of or underneath the bus

Phoenix bus accident attorneys

Typically, only a small percentage of fatalities due to school-transportation-related crashes are actual bus occupants. Many are pedestrians and even larger majorities are occupants of other vehicles involved in Arizona bus-related crashes.

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