Peoria, Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Arizona’s beautiful climate and scenic roads can provide an amazing experience for Peoria motorcyclists. However, both new riders and veteran bikers are vulnerable to sustaining catastrophic injuries when other drivers disregard the rules of the road. The injured motorcyclist is then unfairly burdened with medical bills, lost wages, and emotional distress. 

Arizona motorcyclists have trusted local Peoria injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe to help fight for them for over 15 years. As award-winning motorcycle accident lawyers, we are adept at fighting insurance companies, holding negligent driver’s accountable, and recovering maximum compensation for our clients. To schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled motorcycle accident attorneys, give us a call at 602-977-1900 or complete a free online case review today.

Peoria, Arizona Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Why You Should Choose Lerner and Rowe to Represent Your Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit 

Medical bills can be expensive, and navigating the legal system can be complex and confusing. After being injured by the negligence of someone else, your first step should be to involve a qualified personal injury attorney to represent your interests as soon as possible. You want the best and most experienced legal team. 

The motorcycle accident lawyers of Lerner and Rowe have been advocating for countless injured Arizonans for almost 20 years. We take great pride in our billion-dollar case results that have helped ease the burden on injured victims so they can focus on rebuilding their lives after a devastating motorcycle accident. At Lerner and Rowe, we provide individualized attention to each case, regardless of size, and make it a point to prioritize client satisfaction.  Whether you have been hurt on Mountain View Road, side-swiped on Route 60, or rear-ended on Thunderbird Road, our team of Peoria personal injury lawyers is prepared to aggressively seek maximum compensation for your damages. 

Understanding Peoria, Arizona Motorcycle Crashes

Peoria, Arizona, has blossomed into a major suburb of Phoenix with a population of 197,866. The state’s scenic routes winding through Peoria attract many bikers each year. With 278,464 motorcycles registered in Arizona and thousands of annual visitors, it is no surprise that cities like Peoria see considerable motorcycle traffic. 

With the increased number of motorcyclists using Peoria roads and highways to visit Phoenix, take a shortcut to head to California, or road trip down Route 60, there is a higher risk of collisions and devastating accidents. Peoria residents and visitors should take extra care to avoid causing a collision, particularly during so-called high-risk windows. For example, most motorcycle accidents in Arizona happen in broad daylight with the peak high-risk window occurring between 3 P.M. and 4 P.M. on Fridays and Saturdays. 

A recent Peoria motorcycle accident, which resulted in the death of the rider,  paints a realistic and devastating picture of a collision during these high-risk windows. Motorcycle accidents account for about 2% of all traffic crashes across Arizona, but about 15% of all fatal traffic accidents. Most of these fatalities are motorcyclists. In 2021, more motorcyclists were killed in traffic accidents than van occupants, pickup truck occupants, or any type of large truck occupants. 

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Common Causes of Peoria, Arizona Motorcycle Accidents

Unfortunately, many drivers display a reckless or even antagonistic attitude towards motorcyclists that often lead to collisions and fatalities. Dangerous behaviors, such as speeding, driving while fatigued, talking on the phone, or tailgating, are even riskier when a motorcyclist is in the vicinity. When a driver’s attention is not fully committed to the road they have less time to make an accurate judgment and react appropriately in order to avoid hitting another vehicle.

For motorcyclists, this lack of attention often means a traumatic crash involving extensive injuries. Peoria motorcyclists should also be aware that according to Forbes Advisor, Arizona is considered the worst state for road rage. Too often, this frustration is channeled at motorcyclists. Drivers may become impatient or even intentionally place motorcyclists in unsafe situations by cutting them off in traffic, brake-checking them, or executing other risky maneuvers. Motorcycle accidents are usually caused by: 

Injuries Handled by Our Peoria Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

The National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that at least 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death for the motorcyclist. This holds true for Arizona, as the Department of Transportation estimates that about 90% of all motorcyclists involved in a collision sustained an injury or were killed. As the frame of a motorcycle leaves the operator and their passenger exposed, this is an unfortunate reality. 

The speed of the vehicles involved in the crash, whether the motorcyclist struck a fixed object, or if the motorcyclist was wearing a helmet can all substantially influence the severity of the rider’s injury. Motorcyclists who experience trauma to their head or spine are more likely to face permanent disabilities. Additionaly,  most motorcycle accident injuries involve some form of prolonged limitations. Common Arizona motorcycle accident injuries include: 

Swift medical attention should be the priority for anyone who has been injured in a Peoria motorcycle accident. Even if you think that your injuries aren’t particularly serious, let a medical provider make that determination. Having a fast and accurate medical diagnosis can only help your case. 

Don’t downplay your injuries at the scene or when you see a doctor.  This can be used against you if you choose to pursue a personal injury claim for damages. Insurance agents are trained to look for exaggerated claims, so it is in your best interest to seek immediate medical attention and be as honest as possible about the extent of your injuries, or else the insurance companies will try to take advantage of you and attempt to reduce your claim’s value.

Compensation Our Peoria Motorcycle Accident Lawyers Can Get You

Plaintiffs in Peoria motorcycle accident claims can be compensated for monetary costs associated with their injuries. These are called economic damages.  Typically, economic damages compensate plaintiffs for bills related to their treatment, property damage, or the loss of income. 

The other primary category of compensatory damages is non-economic damages, which are emotional or intangible costs related to the plaintiff’s injury. This can cover things like the physical pain and emotional distress they experienced after losing a limb in a Peoria motorcycle accident. Examples of common damages for Arizona motorcycle accidents include: 

Fatal Peoria motorcycle accidents can leave families struggling without a breadwinner, critical services, and emotional support. However, loved ones of the deceased may recover compensation for both economic damages, such as final medical expenses and funeral costs; as well as non-economic damages, like loss of consortium.

Why You Need a Peoria Motorcycle Crash Attorney to Negotiate Your Claim

A Peoria motorcycle accident can effectively turn your life upside down. You can be saddled with medical debt, lose time at work, and be forced to sacrifice activities you enjoy. Filing a personal injury lawsuit requires knowledge of legal procedure, time to collect and review evidence, and solid negotiating skills to hold the insurance companies and negligent parties accountable.

Lerner and Rowe motorcycle accident attorneys handle these complex issues every day. For example, a common strategy for insurance companies is to try to exploit biases about motorcyclists being reckless thrill-seekers. However,  a seasoned personal injury attorney will be able to leverage evidence to show what really happened in any given accident.  Personal injury lawyers also offer other essential services beyond establishing negligence

Once liability has been established, there is still the matter of proving that the negligent parties actions caused the plaintiff’s injuries. Further, an experienced Lerner and Rowe attorney can help prove that the damages resulting from those injuries are worth what the plaintiff claims. This is often a point of contention in negotiations with insurance companies who chronically undervalue damages suffered by the plaintiff. A seasoned Lerner and Rowe attorney will know how to maximize the value of your damages and fight for what you deserve. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Peoria, Arizona Motorcycle Accident Claims

I was injured in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, but I wasn’t wearing a helmet. Can I still recover compensation?

You will likely be able to recover compensation, although probably not the full amount of what you could have secured if you had been wearing a helmet. Although motorcycle helmets are only mandatory for riders under 18 in Arizona law, failure to wear a helmet is likely to be seen as neglecting to take reasonable precautions to prevent injury.

When a plaintiff is partially at fault for their injury, it can have an impact on their settlement. In cases involving comparative negligence, the defendant and plaintiff are each assigned a percentage that indicates what portion of the negligence they are responsible for. If the motorcycle accident claim is settled, the plaintiff then receives their settlement minus the percentage of negligence they were assigned.

What does it cost to hire an Arizona personal injury lawyer?

Clients are not responsible for any out of pocket fees or costs related to their personal injury lawyer’s services. After the personal injury lawsuit is settled, and only if the claim is settled,  33% of the gross amount recovered as well as whatever costs were spent in the case is paid to the personal injury attorney as their contingency fee. If there is no recovery for the client they pay no out of pocket costs or fees. 

How long will it take to settle my Peoria motorcycle accident lawsuit?

You should be prepared for your claim to take approximately 6 to 18 months to settle. Your personal injury attorney must investigate and compile evidence which can take time depending on the complexity of your case. If you are partially liable, or there are multiple parties involved, the process of establishing liability can also take longer. 

Plaintiffs who have substantial non-economic damages or complex injuries may also find that their claim takes longer. While it can be difficult to wait for the compensation that you are rightfully owed, it is important that your motorcycle accident attorney takes the time that they need to be thorough. This way, you can recover the maximum amount possible for your damages.

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After a Peoria motorcycle accident, you may be in crisis as medical bills accumulate, you are forced to miss work or take on lighter duties, and you struggle to function through your pain. The Arizona personal injury lawyers of Lerner and Rowe have helped clients in this scenario many times. We have the experience to address your pain and suffering and help you through this difficult time. We believe that you should not have to struggle alone with the financial, physical, and emotional repercussions of another driver’s careless behavior.

Whether you’ve just gotten your Arizona motorcycle license or you’ve been riding for decades, the personal injury lawyers of Lerner and Rowe can help you receive the compensation you deserve. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at 602-977-1900 to schedule a free consultation or complete a free online case review today. If you have been in a Peoria motorcycle accident, remember that the Law Office of Lerner and Rowe will fight for you in your time of need.