How to Get a Police Accident Report in Arizona

How to Get a
Police Accident Report

After a car wreck in Arizona, one of the more important pieces of documentation you will need is a police report. This document is often required to help establish fault when seeking compensation from the at-fault driver(s), especially if there were injuries and more than $2,000 worth of property damage. 

A police report may also be required by a tow truck company to retrieve your vehicle if it was removed from the accident scene.


What’s in a Police Accident Report?

After an accident in Arizona, per Arizona Revised Statute §28-667, a police report will list these minimum key details: 

  • Location, date, time, and environmental conditions of the accident
  • A simple diagram with narrative notes describing the accident scene
  • Identifying information for passengers, witnesses, and any other parties directly involved in the accident
  • Name, age, sex, contact information, and proof of vehicle ownership, insurance, and registration of the drivers involved in the car wreck
  • Name of the investigating officer, badge number, and law enforcement agency
  • Who the investigation officer determined to be at fault based on facts found at the accident scene and witness reports

Tip: Even if you did not suffer an injury or major damages after an accident, you should still request a copy of the police report. Doing so can help protect your personal interests should someone try to file a claim against you. 

When Should You Get a Police Report?

After the car accident, wait a few days before you contact the reporting officer’s law enforcement agency office to request a copy. This will give the law enforcement agency time to prepare an official report, even though they are required by law to do so within 24 hours of the accident. 

You should also be aware that even though there may be a delay in obtaining your police report if the accident resulted in serious and/or fatal injuries. Should that be the case, it may take months for an official report to be completed. 

Note that you may be required to pay a small fee to obtain a copy.

Tip: If you notice that there are errors or omissions of information on the police report after you get a copy, you should reach out to the responding officer and ask for the missing information you need to properly document your accident. It may have just been an oversight that can easily be corrected with a phone call. 

Why Should You Get a Police Report?

All of the information provided in a police report can be used by your Arizona personal injury attorney and insurance company to establish the degree of fault. The police report can also be used to build a strong and accurate injury claim when it’s time to pursue damages against the at-fault party or parties. 

Additionally, if your claim should end up in court, a police report combined with the reporting officer’s first-hand testimony is extremely useful evidence for the presiding judge and jury.

How to Get a Police Report After an Accident in Arizona?

We can help you obtain a free copy of your police report. You just need to completely fill out the police report request form on this page. Another way is to do as suggested above, contact the reporting law enforcement officer’s agency directly and follow their required steps. 

You can also get a copy of your collision report from the Arizona Department of Public Safety by filling out the records request form, dropping it off in person or mailing it in, and then paying a small fee by credit/debit card (in-person), business check, cashier’s check, or money order. 

Lastly, if your car accident did not involve a catastrophic injury or death, you can also check the online vendor BuyCrash to see if the accident reporting law enforcement agency in Arizona is part of their reporting network.  

When to Contact an Arizona Car Accident Attorney

An Arizona police report should be made available to all persons involved in a car accident, including an Arizona personal injury attorney representing a person involved or a licensed private investigator. If you have questions about how to get an Arizona police report, please contact Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys today. 

You should also contact one of our experienced car accident attorneys in Arizona as soon as possible if you are injured or you’ve lost a loved one because of the reckless actions of another person. We have eight offices located in the Phoenix metro area, as well as in Tucson, Yuma, and Bullhead City and can make arrangements to assist you if you live in another city throughout the state.

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