Glendale Truck Accident Lawyers

The destructive capacity of a commercial truck accident is an unfortunate reality, but in many cases, Glendale truck collisions and the damage they cause could be avoided. Careless actions committed by negligent truck drivers and other parties such as those involved with the maintenance or loading of the truck put other drivers and more vulnerable road users at risk of severe or fatal injury. For the injured party, the fallout of a Glendale, Arizona truck crash often includes considerable medical bills, weeks or months of lost wages, and a compromised quality of life. The seasoned Glendale truck accident lawyers of Lerner and Rowe will negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your settlement reflects the value of these losses. 

Glendale Truck Accident Lawyers

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Why You Should Choose Lerner and Rowe to Represent Your Truck Accident Lawsuit

As personal injury lawyers who have been serving injured Arizonans for nearly 20 years, our team at Lerner and Rowe is well aware of the skill, effort, resources required to effectively negotiate a truck accident claim. In fact, our success in this area has made Lerner and Rowe one of the most well-respected and sought-after personal injury law firms in Arizona.

Our dedicated team takes pride in being thorough investigators and adaptable negotiators, both of which are skill sets that serve us well in maximizing our client’s compensation and protecting their right to seek payment for damages in Arizona truck accident lawsuits. 

We have recovered billions in compensation for our injured clients in Arizona and beyond, which speaks not only to our abilities but also to our work ethic.

At Lerner and Rowe, we consider it a privilege to be trusted to champion your Glendale, Arizona truck accident claim. Whether you were hit by a truck in a crosswalk after a Cardinal’s game at the State Farm Stadium, injured in an override truck accident on Loop 101, or were rear-ended by a truck on Camelback Road, our mentality is that you should be fairly compensated for losses you sustained but were not responsible for causing.

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Understanding Glendale, Arizona Truck Crashes

Located just northwest of Phoenix, the city of Glendale, Arizona is home to a population of about 252,136 residents. Glendale is part of Maricopa County, the largest county in Arizona by population. Maricopa County also leads Arizona in terms of economic losses resulting from traffic accidents, which cost them $11,563,280,444 in 2021. With the level of property damage and injury that most truck accidents inflict, Glendale truck accidents likely helped play a role in the magnitude of this number. 

Several of Glendale’s top employers, such as Tanger Outlets and Walmart, rely on regular deliveries from semi-trucks to run their businesses, increasing the volume of truck traffic in the area. The city is also adjacent to Phoenix, where suppliers can more easily fly their goods in and then have them transported by truck to the smaller city of Glendale.

Glendale is bordered by three highways: Loop 101, I-10, and I-17. The likelihood of a Glendale truck accident is increased due to the close proximity of common truck routes, particularly I-10. I-10 is a key route for truckers, as it connects the East Coast to the West Coast. Additionally, a higher number of truckers may choose to pass through Glendale via Route 60, which bisects the city.

Common Causes of Glendale, Arizona Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are designed to efficiently transport large loads of equipment, goods, and materials. The tradeoff in this design is that trucks are more unwieldy, have a smaller turning radius, take longer to fully stop, and have larger blind spots. Truck drivers are tasked with operating these vehicles that are already not conducive to easy maneuvering, meaning that they have to take extra care when sharing the road with other motorists, bicyclists, and pedestrians.

In the event that a truck driver’s attention is taken away from the road due to distracted driving, exhaustion, or impatience that many truckers contend with, the results can be catastrophic. That being said, when the parties responsible for maintaining the truck, hiring the driver, and loading the cargo are negligent in their actions, that can set a truck driver up for failure. Truck accidents are usually attributable to driver errors and third-party negligence, including:

  • Road rage and aggressive driving
  • Reckless maneuvering
  • Ignoring traffic laws
  • Mechanical failures
  • Poor road maintenance

Severe Injuries Caused by Glendale Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents are usually synonymous with debilitating injuries for the occupants of passenger cars or vulnerable road users like bicyclists. In the case of relatively minor injuries, you may still require stitches or a cast. On the other end of the spectrum, a catastrophic injury may necessitate surgery for an organ transplant, the use of a prosthetic limb, or months of physical therapy. Even with treatment, you may never recover certain functions. Truck accidents often result in injuries like:  

  • Soft tissue injury
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Deep lacerations

Truck accident injuries should always be treated as soon as possible by a healthcare professional. Internal injuries are common in these types of accidents, and they are more easily overlooked. A provider will have the training and knowledge needed to make an accurate diagnosis and offer you the treatment you need. 

Seeing a medical professional immediately after a Glendale truck accident also gives credibility to your account of the severity of your injuries, which makes it more difficult for insurance companies to dismiss your claim.

It is also worth noting that the type of devastating injuries that truck accidents are known to inflict can lead to corresponding emotional injuries. Losing an arm, becoming disfigured, or being paralyzed can have a profound impact on a person’s mental health, leading to conditions like depression and anxiety. The trauma of the truck accident in addition to a painful or ineffective treatment process can be compounded by financial instability and other damages.

What Damages Are Available in a Glendale Truck Accident Lawsuit?

Truck accident plaintiffs can potentially recover compensation for the losses they have experienced as a result of the defendant’s negligence, which are known as compensatory damages. Some compensatory damages are relatively straightforward to quantify, such as a bill from your mechanic. These are typically considered economic damages, as they are financial costs resulting from the other party’s negligence.

Others are intangible losses with no clear monetary value. In that case, a personal injury attorney may rely on the plaintiff’s statement, expert witness testimony, and other forms of evidence to demonstrate that such non-economic damages are worthy of compensation. The most common examples of damages in Arizona truck accidents include:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity

Your Glendale truck accident lawyers will be able to provide an analysis of the larger picture with respect to the impact of your injuries. For example, you may have had to change your job, forfeit hobbies, and delegate previously held responsibilities like cooking to accommodate the permanent consequences of your injury. They will also be able to help you anticipate long-term continuing costs, such as the cost of an anti-rejection medication after an organ transplant or chronic pain.

Why You Need a Glendale Truck Accident Attorney to Negotiate Your Truck Accident Claim

Plaintiffs in truck accident claims regularly seek considerable compensation because their damages tend to be more extensive. In most cases, a claim will end up being negotiated with the insurance carrier of the negligent party, which can be an uphill battle for the plaintiff. Insurance companies are usually well-funded with experienced lawyers, and they do not share the plaintiff’s agenda. Instead, they will try to reduce their liability and offer the lowest justifiable settlement. 

In addition to the high level of damages truck accident plaintiffs experience, truck accident lawsuits often involve complex liability issues. Significant legal knowledge is required to ascertain who is actually responsible for the plaintiff’s injuries, which the typical truck accident client does not have. Personal injury attorneys who have a background in truck accidents regularly engage with these issues.

Trying to pursue a truck accident claim while you are stressed about finances, in pain, busy attending doctors’ appointments, and attempting to care for your family is often logistically impossible. Personal injury attorneys have the time and the resources to properly investigate and negotiate your claim, which typically results in a more satisfactory settlement for the plaintiff.

Frequently Asked Questions About Glendale, Arizona Truck Accident Claims

I was in a lost-load truck accident in Glendale, Arizona. Who is liable?

Truckers carry a wide variety of cargo, ranging from lumber and cars to food and livestock, and even toxic chemicals. Depending on the type of cargo, a lost-load truck accident can be an inconvenience for other motorists or a life-threatening hazard. While it may seem like the truck driver should be held responsible for the accident, particularly if they stopped suddenly or made a quick maneuver, they are not necessarily at fault. 

An experienced truck accident attorney is needed to properly investigate all potential sources of negligence in this type of situation, as a third party may be liable. For example, if the person who loaded the cargo failed to properly secure it, the owner of the truck did not replace worn parts that the cargo was secured to, or the company that manufactured the cargo created a design that could not be safely transported, a third party could be responsible for your damages.

What is the difference between an underride and an override truck accident?

An underride truck accident is when a car winds up underneath the trailer of a truck in a collision. The initial collision point may be the rear or the side of the truck. This can occur when a truck comes to a stop without warning or runs a light while turning, and it can leave the driver of the passenger vehicle in critical condition. Passenger vehicle occupants who are involved in an underride truck accident are at a greater risk for crush injuries and head injuries.

Override truck accidents refer to a collision where a truck runs partially or completely over another vehicle. This scenario happens when the trucker is approaching from behind and is unable to stop in time, sometimes because they were speeding or otherwise distracted. It is more serious than a rear-end collision, as the average truck outweighs most passenger vehicles by 70,000 pounds. Override truck accidents often result in fatal injuries for the occupants of the passenger car.

What is a contingency fee agreement for a Glendale truck accident claim? 

One of the most pressing questions injured clients typically have is how much our legal services cost. This is completely understandable, especially considering the magnitude of financial losses most people sustain from an Arizona truck accident. Like most personal injury lawyers, the truck accident attorneys of Lerner and Rowe use a contingency fee agreement with our clients.

Our obligation to you is to render services with the goal of settling your Glendale truck accident lawsuit, and in return, we receive a share of the settlement we negotiate. This is usually about a third of the final settlement. This has major benefits for injured clients, such as the fact that there is no upfront cost, and the fee is taken out of the settlement, not their pockets. Additionally, the client has no obligation to pay for their truck accident lawyer’s services if they fail to settle the claim. 

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At Lerner and Rowe, we take a hands-on approach to negotiating our clients’ personal injury claims because we recognize the impact a fair settlement can have on your financial situation and stress levels. Truck accident lawsuits require this type of involvement, and the accident injury lawyers of Lerner and Rowe have the detail-oriented, communicative disposition to provide it. 

We firmly believe that a devastating truck accident injury caused by the negligence of a truck driver or third party should not go unanswered. Our team has the negotiating skills needed to effectively stand up to insurance companies with significant resources. Clients of Lerner and Rowe know that they can expect exceptional service and great results.

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