Arizona Easter Safety Tips from a Personal Injury Lawyer

Arizona Easter safety

Easter weekend in Arizona is a time for family, friends, and fun. Between the egg hunts, delicious feasts, and maybe a road trip, safety shouldn’t take a back seat. Just one accident can lead to potentially life-altering injuries or even a wrongful death, which is why the Arizona personal injury attorneys at Lerner and Rowe put together this list of Arizona Easter safety tips

Top Arizona Easter Safety Tips

1. Food and kitchen safety 

Easter celebrations often come with large meals with holiday classics like baked ham and deviled eggs. However, it’s important to remember to practice food safety to prevent food borne illness. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after handling food, especially raw meat and eggs. Cook meat to the recommended internal temperature and keep hot foods hot and cold foods cold to prevent bacterial growth. 

Along with practicing food safety, practice general kitchen safety. Keep children and pets out of the kitchen while cooking or closely supervise them to help avoid burn injuries, especially when preparing eggs for coloring. 

2. Buckle up and drive safely

Many forget about the increased traffic during a holiday weekend, and the risks of car accidents that come with it, which is why it’s important to follow this Arizona Easter safety tip. Before hitting the road, make sure everyone in the car is buckled up before heading out, no matter how short the trip. Along with this, always drive safely by avoiding distractions and fatigued driving

3. Have a designated driver

Most holidays involve enjoying adult beverages, even Easter. If you plan on enjoying alcoholic beverages during the celebrations, designate a responsible driver who will remain sober to drive you home. If this isn’t an option, use a taxi or rideshare service. This Arizona Easter safety tip prevents potentially deadly impaired driving accidents. 

4. Watch out for dangerous products

No one wants to think about purchasing potentially dangerous products, but this Arizona Easter safety tip is vital for parents. Before buying Easter items, take a moment to research online for any product recalls or safety warnings. Besides recalled products, young children tend to put things in their mouths, so be mindful of small parts in Easter toys or decorations. When coloring eggs with children, supervise them closely to prevent them from swallowing dye tablets.

5. Egg hunt safety 

The egg hunt is the highlight of Easter celebrations and potentially the most dangerous. If you’re having an egg hunt, here are a few things to consider: 

  • Consider using plastic eggs instead of hard-boiled eggs. The egg hunt is another part of the holiday where you should remember food safety as salmonella can be present on the outside and inside of eggs. Using plastic eggs eliminates this threat entirely. 
  • Hide eggs in age-appropriate places. Don’t make little ones climb or reach for eggs in precarious spots. Doing this is a broken arm waiting to happen.
  • Avoid hiding eggs in places like high shelves, near breakable objects, or electrical outlets. If hiding outdoors, steer clear of areas with potential hazards like poisonous plants, thorns, or stinging insects.
  • Set boundaries to keep children away from unsafe zones like pools or streets. 

6. Spring clean any hazards

You don’t have to deep clean your entire house if you’re hosting an Easter gathering (unless you want to, of course). But you should tidy up any clutter, secure loose rugs that could be a tripping hazard, and address uneven surfaces like a cracked sidewalk to prevent slip and fall accidents. Make sure walkways and common areas are well lit, especially for evening gatherings. 

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We hope everyone celebrating has an enjoyable and safe Easter celebration. By following these Arizona Easter safety tips, you can help keep your family safe. However, others might act negligently or recklessly and leave you or a loved one injured. If that’s the case, the personal injury attorneys at Lerner and Rowe can help you file a claim and get the compensation you deserve for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and possibly more. 

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