Back to School Safety Tips for Phoenix Parents

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Phoenix schools reopening

Most Phoenix students haven’t seen the inside of a classroom since March, when Arizona Governor Doug Ducey ordered schools to close through the end of the 2019 – 2020 school year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Beginning in early August, many Phoenix-area schools will start off the new school year the same way: online. Tentative plans have been made to resume in-person instruction after Labor Day, but school district officials are waiting to see whether case numbers and hospitalizations begin to decline throughout the state.

With Phoenix schools reopening in the possibly near future, Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys encourages parents to brush up on their back to school safety while also becoming aware of the potential hazards that may come along with virtual instruction. Check out these tips to keep your kids happy and healthy this school year.

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Create a Safe Learning Environment at Home

While home is the safest place for children to be to prevent the transmission of the novel coronavirus, don’t forget to ensure that your home itself is free from these common safety hazards:

  • Electrical Hazards. Most students are utilizing various forms of technology to complete their studies, including laptops, desktops, tablets, and smartphones. Be careful when plugging in devices to ensure that electrical outlets are not overloaded. Use a UL-certified surge protector and keep an eye out for worn or fraying cables which can lead to electrocution or burn injuries.
  • Dangerous Products. Always store cleaning chemicals, prescription drugs, and other potentially dangerous products out of reach of children. 
  • Drowning Hazards. Summer may be on its way out, but the heat in Phoenix will likely persist for the next few months. Make sure young children or those who aren’t strong swimmers are kept from getting in backyard pools without adult supervision. Swimming pool accidents are preventable—check on your children frequently to make sure they are in school and not in the pool.

Educate Kids About Online Safety

Having a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips is one of the many benefits of the digital age, but certain online activities can put you and your family at risk. Don’t assume that school-issued computers or wifi hotspots are always safe. Monitor your children’s use of technology when possible, and talk to your kids about how to stay safe online with these tips:

  • Don’t reveal identifying information to people on the internet. Predators may try to pretend to be someone you know or claim to be a friend of your parents. If someone asks you for personal information online, always talk to a trusted parent or guardian.
  • Be wary of live streaming or video chatting online. Always make sure your connection is private and unable to be accessed by people you don’t know.
  • Report bullies to your school. Cyberbullying can be just as damaging as bullying in the classroom. If you or another classmate is being bullied online while attending virtual classes or elsewhere, contact a trusted teacher or parent to put a stop to abusive online behavior.

Get Ready for Phoenix Schools Reopening

As school districts throughout the state prepare to eventually welcome students back to campus, it’s important for students and parents to get ready to transition back to in-person instruction. Get ready for these changes with these helpful hints:

  • Phoenix schools reopening means more traffic, and more traffic means more traffic accidents. To help prevent car accidents in Phoenix, brush up on your morning commute driving skills. Always make sure everyone in the car is wearing their seat belt before leaving, obey all traffic rules, and be especially careful in school zones. Plan to leave early so that you don’t need to rush to get everyone to school on time.
  • Talk to your teen about driving safety. Car accidents are the number one killer of Arizona teens. If your teenager is learning to drive or recently got their license, talk to them about important topics like defensive driving and driving under the influence
  • If your children plan to walk or bike to school, give it a test run before their first day back. Make sure their route to school is well-lit, with sidewalks, crosswalks, and bike lanes where needed. Make sure your child has a proper-fitting helmet to prevent serious injuries in the case of a bicycle accident.

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