Mesa Truck Accident Lawyers

Mesa truck crashes often leave a trail of destruction in their wake. Whether the collision was caused by the actions of a negligent truck driver or a third party, it is typically the occupants of passenger cars and other more vulnerable road users like pedestrians who bear the brunt of the injuries.

In the aftermath of a truck crash, you may be struggling to afford your medical bills, rework your budget to accommodate lost wages, and recover from debilitating injuries.

This is when you need the Mesa truck accident lawyers from Lerner and Rowe.

 Mesa Truck Accident Lawyers

Lerner and Rowe Mesa injury lawyers understand that the prospect of filing a personal injury claim while recovering from a serious truck accident injury can seem like another stressful responsibility to take on. However, with the help of a qualified Mesa truck accident lawyer, it is actually an effective way to secure the compensation you are entitled to. Reach out to us at 602-977-1900 to schedule a free consultation or complete and submit a FREE online form today. 

Why You Should Choose Lerner and Rowe to Represent Your Truck Crash Lawsuit

At Lerner and Rowe, we believe that our clients should not have to pay the price for another party’s negligence, and we will do everything in our power to ensure that you are fairly compensated for your damages in a truck accident lawsuit.

Lerner and Rowe’s Mesa truck accident lawyers approach each case with a client-first mentality, meaning that we make ourselves accessible, take the time to thoroughly explain the impact of major decisions, and treat you with the level of respect you deserve.

Our team of personal injury lawyers specializes in Arizona truck accidents and have developed an affinity with litigating these cases to demonstrable success. We will put our investigative skills to use to determine the liable party or parties, gather compelling evidence to meet the burden of proof, and negotiate strategically to secure maximum compensation for your Mesa truck accident claim. At Lerner and Rowe, our personal injury attorneys have developed a reputation throughout Arizona and other states where we serve as successful litigators with an exemplary track record and long line of satisfied past clients. 

We have recovered over $2 billion dollars for our injured clients over the course of our nearly 20 years of service in Arizona. If you have been injured in a Mesa truck accident, you need the top-notch personal injury attorneys of Lerner and Rowe to represent you.

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Our team has handled a wide variety of truck accident claims, from override truck accidents on Superstition Freeway to side-swipe accidents in West Mesa to T-bone truck accidents at the intersection of Recker Road and East McDowell. 

Understanding Mesa, Arizona Truck Crashes

The city of Mesa is located in Maricopa County with a growing population of about 512,498 as of July 2022. Truck accidents in Maricopa County, by far the most populous county in Arizona, contribute significantly to Arizona being ranked in the top 15 states for the number of annual fatal truck accidents. These truck accidents are costly in terms of life and money. Maricopa County leads the state in economic losses from traffic collisions, costing the county over $11 billion dollars in 2021. 

The likelihood of a Mesa truck accident is influenced by the proximity of major highways. U.S. 60 divides Mesa from the neighboring city of Gilbert before merging with I-10 on its way into Phoenix. This introduces a significant source of trucks to Mesa roads as truckers deliver loads, pass through to California or head east, and use the city as a pitstop in the middle of the Sonoran Desert. Local law enforcement data shows that many of the city’s most dangerous intersections are feeder routes to the highway, where trucks are more likely to be entering and exiting. 

Mesa has a recent history with disastrous truck accidents. In 2022, one paramedic was killed and another was critically injured after their ambulance was struck by a truck on State Route 87 near McDowell Road, while the truck driver survived with non-critical injuries. This tragedy not only underscores the destructive capability of truck accidents, but also the disparity in injury severity between truck drivers and the motorists they collide with.  

Common Causes of Mesa, Arizona Truck Accidents

After a Mesa truck accident, it is common for people to immediately blame the truck driver for causing the collision. After all, their long, solitary routes can be conducive to fatigue, distraction, and reckless driving. Additionally, it takes skill and experience to safely maneuver a vehicle that is more than 4 times the length of the average passenger vehicle and about 20 times heavier when loaded

Truckers are held to high standards because even a momentary lapse in judgment, a slow reaction, or a careless maneuver can have catastrophic consequences. While truck drivers are responsible for the majority of Arizona semi-truck accidents, they are not necessarily at fault in every scenario. The most common causes of truck accidents include a combination of driver errors and third-party negligence, such as:

  • Reckless maneuvering
  • Ignoring traffic laws
  • Mechanical failures
  • Poor road maintenance

Severe Injuries Caused by Mesa Truck Accidents 

Truck accidents are significantly more likely to result in the injury of a car passenger, pedestrian, bicyclist, or motorcyclist than they are to harm the truck driver. A semi-truck’s size serves to insulate the driver from the force of an impact, but it also causes a greater degree of harm to road users without the same protection. Mesa truck accident survivors may sustain serious or catastrophic injuries with long-term health consequences, such as loss of sensation and motor function, compromised cognitive ability, and chronic pain. Examples of Mesa truck accident injuries include:

  • Soft tissue injury
  • Fractured or broken bones
  • Amputations
  • Deep lacerations

Do not let the prospect of hefty medical bills deter you from seeking treatment after a Mesa truck accident, even if you believe that your injuries are relatively minor. In the shock and chaos of a truck accident scene, it is easy to overlook injuries, particularly internal injuries. A healthcare provider is most qualified to accurately assess the severity of your injuries and administer the appropriate treatment. 

Failure to seek medical assistance after a Mesa truck accident can result in your personal injury claim being rejected or reduced. Insurance companies can use this to argue that you exaggerated your injuries or purposefully delayed treatment so that your injuries would appear more extensive than what you actually sustained in the truck accident. Your truck accident attorney can help you deal with bill collectors and recover the compensation you need for your medical bills, but you must take the necessary steps to protect your claim first.

What Damages Are Available in a Mesa Truck Accident Lawsuit?

A Mesa, Arizona truck accident may leave you temporarily or permanently incapacitated. As a result, it may be necessary for you to miss multiple weeks of work, switch job roles, or even change careers. Meanwhile, you continue to accumulate medical bills for physical and occupational therapy, pain medication, and imaging to check your progress.

The value of these costs can be compensated in the form of economic damages in a Mesa truck accident lawsuit, as they represent the financial consequences of an injury you sustained as a result of someone else’s negligence. Personal injury law also acknowledges that severe truck accident injuries often entail more than monetary losses. 

Your injury may also be preventing you from driving to your doctors’ appointments, grocery shopping, maintaining your yard, or managing simple household tasks. It can even cost you your independence, dignity, and comfort. Plaintiffs can also seek compensation for non-economic damages for their intangible losses. Truck accident claims often include compensation for damages like:

  • Medical bills
  • Lost wages
  • Reduced earning capacity

Why You Need a Mesa Truck Accident Attorney to Negotiate Your Claim

Most truck accident plaintiffs do not have the legal knowledge, time, or resources to effectively negotiate their own truck accident claim. Representatives for insurance companies may try to use this to their advantage to settle for a lower amount. They have the resources to maintain a lengthy legal battle, which you can meet head-on with a capable and well-connected legal team of your own.

Hiring an Arizona personal injury lawyer does more than give you access to resources like expert witnesses or a reliable advocate with specialized experience. It also strengthens the perceived legitimacy of your truck accident claim with the insurance company, which can prove beneficial when negotiating for compensation for your damages.  

Truck accident attorneys’ skills often prove invaluable when it comes to establishing liability in these types of cases. They will be familiar with the types of evidence needed to demonstrate fault, how to leverage it to show the negligent act caused your injuries, and the most effective way to secure the maximum compensation. Without a truck accident attorney representing you, you risk compromising your claim or settling for less than your damages are worth.

Frequently Asked Questions About Mesa, Arizona Truck Accident Claims

Can a truck driver’s employer be held liable for my damages in a Mesa, Arizona truck accident lawsuit?

Third-party liability is more often featured in truck accident claims as compared to the average car accident lawsuit. When a party besides either driver is at fault in a truck accident, it is often the truck driver’s employer. Trucking companies can be held liable for failing to properly screen drivers during the hiring process, which could look like neglecting to check a driver’s history of DUIs. Employers may also be considered negligent if they did not provide adequate and accurate training for their drivers, forced them to work shifts longer than federal regulations allow, or if they failed to conduct inspections to maintain the trucks in their fleet.

How much does it cost to hire a Mesa truck accident lawyer?

The services of a personal injury attorney come at no cost to you, including a free, no-obligation consultation, until after your claim has been successfully settled. At that point, your personal injury lawyer recovers a contingency fee, which is usually about a third of the value of your settlement or court awards. If your truck accident claim fails to get you compensation then you do not have to pay your personal injury lawyer for services rendered.

Can I seek punitive damages in an Arizona truck accident lawsuit?

Punitive damages are meant to serve as a penalty for gross negligence. A judge or jury may decide to inflict punitive damages on a defendant who exhibited exceedingly reckless behavior that resulted in significant injury to the plaintiff. It is rare for an individual plaintiff to be awarded punitive damages in a personal injury lawsuit, as it is more commonly seen in situations where the impact of the defendant’s negligence was more widespread.

As personal injury lawyers, our focus is first and foremost on attempting to restore your situation to where you were before the truck accident to the extent that financial compensation can do so. Compensatory damages apply to the losses suffered by the plaintiff, whereas punitive damages are meant to function as a punishment or deterrent from future negligent behavior.

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Due to the magnitude of damages that most truck accident claims entail, it is essential to involve a personal injury attorney in negotiating your claim, as insurance companies are often resistant to paying out high settlements. At Lerner and Rowe, we are well-versed in the intricacies of Arizona truck accident claims and can leverage our skills to maximize the value of your claim.

Our team of Mesa injury lawyers has been recognized by peers and former clients for our exceptional negotiating skills which have yielded outstanding results. We are committed to providing effective, supportive representation to our injured clients by recognizing the nuances in each case, being meticulous in our documentation, and being innovative in our negotiating.

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a Mesa, Arizona truck accident caused by another party, you likely have legal options available to you. Reach out to us at 602-977-1900 to schedule a free consultation or complete a FREE online form today. The Mesa truck accident lawyers of Lerner and Rowe will work to ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve for your personal injury lawsuit.