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Have you suffered injuries due to a vehicle traffic accident? If so, you might be entitled to financial compensation after filing an auto accident injury case. Financial compensation can help you and your family recover after a car accident, covering unforeseen costs like:

  • Medical bills,
  • Lost wages,
  • Prescription costs, 
  • Cost of physical and/or mental therapy.

It’s wise to seek this financial compensation with the help of a knowledgeable attorney. That way, you can heighten your chances of maximizing your compensation to its fullest amount. So, contact a car accident attorney from Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. We are committed to providing excellent communications, offering 24/7 help to you every day of the week–even on holidays. Call 602-977-1900, fill out this FREE online form, or use our convenient LiveChat feature to instantly connect with our experienced team.

Mesa auto accident lawyer

Recent Mesa, AZ Traffic Statistics

In 2021, there were 6,091 crashes in Mesa. This number topped all major areas in Arizona besides Phoenix that year (which had 40,833.) Moreover, this amount almost equaled the amount of crashes in the entirety of Maricopa County (6,931). 

Of the 6,091 crashes in Mesa, 43 were fatal and 1,825 involved some varying degree of injury. 2,648 individuals were injured in these crashes and 45 passed away. 

Depending on the situation surrounding the crash, any one of these individuals and/or their families may have been eligible for financial compensation. A call to Lerner and Rowe would set up a free case evaluation and consultation, where our attorneys would determine if another party’s negligent or reckless decisions caused the auto accident. 

Types of Car Accidents in Mesa

Almost any kind of car accident can occur in Mesa. These accidents are common in high-speed areas:

  1. Sideswipes–where two cars may brush against each other, sometimes causing one or both drivers to lose control of their vehicle. This can also lead to multi-car crashes.
  2. Accidents where a driver forgets to check their blind spot and moves into another car.
  3. Rollover crashes–where a car may completely lose control due to either speed or weather. This especially tragic case led to injuries and loss of life.
  4. Multi-car crashes–where more than two cars are involved, sometimes leading to a “pileup” situation.
  5. T-bones – where a car slams into another car at a perpendicular angle.

Even if your accident doesn’t happen at high speeds on US Route 60, you can still suffer a significant injury from these types of accidents:

  1. Rear-end collisions at stoplights 
  2. Single-car collisions (which can occur at high speeds as well)
  3. Fender benders

Even the smallest accident can cause whiplash, concussion, and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). So, just one strike from another vehicle can lead to an injury that affects you for months or even years of your life. 

10 Car Accident Injuries that Occur in Mesa

Some common car accident injuries that occur in Mesa include:

  1. Paralysis and other spinal injuries
  2. Nerve damage
  3. Soft tissue injuries
  4. Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI)
  5. Burns
  6. Catastrophic injuries
  7. Psychological distress
  8. Anxiety/depression
  9. Cuts and lacerations
  10. Disfigurement

This accident, which occurred as a single car crash into a local Mesa business, caused broken bones and other injuries.

No matter what injury you sustained from your accident, it’s possible that you will face its effects for the rest of your life. That’s why it’s so important to contact a dedicated lawyer from Lerner and Rowe to represent you and your best interests.

Free Case Review

What Happens During Mesa Personal Injury Cases?

A Mesa personal injury case starts with your free case evaluation and consultation, where you will walk our lawyers through the details of what happened the day of your auto accident. Then:

  • We conduct our own auto accident investigation, where we look into witness statements, review security video footage and more.
  • We determine what party is the direct cause of your accident. Sometimes this is straightforward–the driver of the car that hit you. Other times, it is more complex and multiple parties are ultimately responsible for your injuries.
  • Our auto accident lawyers will determine an amount of financial compensation that you are owed and demand this amount from the responsible party’s insurance companies.

There is a two year statute of limitations on all auto accidents in Mesa, AZ. This means that you have two years from the date of your car accident to file a claim and begin the process of financial compensation. So, don’t wait to work with an auto accident lawyer from Lerner and Rowe.

How Does Working with an Auto Accident Injury Law Firm Make A Difference?

Often, insurance companies will deny the first demand letter sent to them by your attorney. That’s why our law firm focuses on one thing- fighting these insurance companies that go out of their way to undervalue your car accident injury claim. This means if an amount cannot be agreed upon outside of court, your Lerner and Rowe attorney will represent your claim in court and fight for the maximum amount of compensation possible. 

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