What You Need to Know about the ‘Move Over’ Laws in Arizona

Arizona move over laws

Arizona Move Over laws aim to protect law enforcement officers and the people involved in an accident. It also covers anyone parked on the shoulder of the road. When a person stops on the shoulder of a busy highway, their risk of injury increases dramatically. Law makers wrote the Move Over Law to protect every motorist. Whether they be the driver of a disabled vehicle or personnel responding to an emergency with lights flashing and safety gear.

Arizona Move Over Laws

In 2005, Arizona established its “Move Over Law”. The law was an attempt to reduce the number of traffic fatalities involving tow truck drivers, construction workers, and emergency personnel with flashing lights who park along the side of the road when assisting a motorist. In 2011, an amendment to the law added any motorist who had turned on their flashing, hazard lights. The law requires that you vacate the lane nearest the vehicle with the flashing lights. Then, move to the next lane. If you can’t vacate the lane, you must reduce your speed until you are safely past the vehicles in question.

Why the Law Was Established

The law aims to protect every driver from being a victim in an accident. There are hundreds of fatalities each year due to cars and trucks hitting disabled vehicles, emergency personnel, construction workers, or other service-oriented vehicles. With the Move Over Law in place, drivers need to slow down. They then need to vacate the lane nearest the disabled vehicle, and maintain a safe speed until they have passed the affected area. Even if you cannot move into the next lane, slowing down as you pass a parked or disabled vehicle or an accident scene can greatly reduce the risk of an accident that results in injury or death.

What Happens If You Don’t Comply?

There may be times when moving into the next lane isn’t an option. To remain in compliance, you must slow down to a safe speed to protect yourself and others. Ignoring the Arizona Move Over laws may result in a traffic citation. This type of moving violation can then result in a fine. Most fines range from $150 to $650, but will vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. If you don’t comply, you run the risk of being in a motor vehicle accident that could result in an injury to you or others. Never risk your life or the lives of others, especially emergency personnel, by disobeying such an important law. As soon as you notice a parked vehicle on the side of the road, whether the lights are flashing or not, you should take appropriate measures to move into the lane next to you. Or, at least, reduce your speed.

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