What to Do After an Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident?

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A wreck of any kind is a stressful and possibly life-altering event, especially after an Albuquerque motorcycle accident. In 2021, there were 5,932 motorcycle fatalities in the United States with a 60.03% fatality rate per 100,000 motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders are also 27 times more likely to die in an accident. Anyone who uses the road should know what to do after a motorcycle accident, but In a dangerous situation, adrenaline can take over and it can be difficult to remember what you need to do. The motorcycle accident lawyers at Lerner and Rowe are here with steps to take after an Albuquerque motorcycle accident.

What to Do After an Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident?

Ensure That You Are Safe

After a motorcycle wreck in New Mexico, the first thing you will want to do is to make sure you are safe. This is especially true if the wreck happened on a busy highway or in a dangerous area. Walking out into traffic, even by accident, can lead to another wreck or injuries. Try to pull over away from the road, if possible.

Check for Injuries

Injuries are common in motorcycle accidents and even mild ones like cuts, scrapes, or bruises can be painful. You are far more likely to get fractured bones, severe internal bleeding, and broken bones if you were riding a motorcycle when the accident occurred. It’s always better to get checked out by a medical professional after any accident, even if you don’t believe you are seriously injured. Sometimes the symptoms of serious injuries don’t show up right away and take days, weeks, or even months to manifest. 

Don’t Remove Your Protective Gear

You could be in shock after your bike accident, and the adrenaline might be obscuring any pain or injuries. To prevent aggravating injuries, wait for paramedics to arrive before taking off your helmet and other protective gear.

Call the Police

Call the police as quickly as you can; the sooner they arrive, the more trustworthy the report’s account of the incident will be. When the police arrive, the officer will assess the scene and give a report on who caused the collision. After hearing from each side regarding their version of the accident, the police will then submit a report. Tell the officer the truth without embellishing what took place. Request a copy of the police report once it has been submitted. 

Gather Evidence and Talk to Witnesses 

No matter how slight the damage to you or your personal property is, take as many photos as you can of your injuries, your motorcycle, and any other vehicles involved. Make certain to take pictures from all reasonable angles and to capture a video. If the accident was not your fault, the physical proof from the collision and the paper trail from the police and insurance could strengthen your case.

If there are potential witnesses, find out if they are willing to give you their information. Don’t annoy them or make any effort to convince them if they don’t want to get involved.

Exchange Information with the Others Involved 

Get their entire name, insurance policy information, license plate number, make, model, and year of their car or motorcycle, as well as their license plate number. This information will be on the police report as well, but it’s best if you have it handy during the accident investigation. 

What to Avoid After an Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident

While there are some things you need to do after a motorcycle accident in Albuquerque, New Mexico to ensure your safety, there are a few things to avoid to ensure your case is resolved in your favor. However, it is important to understand that allegations of fault may arise during the process. If you find yourself facing such allegations, hiring our Albuquerque personal injury lawyers can provide you with the necessary support to fight back.

Don’t Discuss the Accident With Others 

After an accident, if you end up talking to the other person involved, try not to discuss too much and keep the conversation light, steering clear of discussing the accident itself. Any remarks made could potentially affect your claim and be used against you. Additionally, it is crucial to avoid posting about the accident on social media, as well as informing your family and friends not to discuss it either. These actions can inadvertently provide ammunition for the opposing party to challenge your case.

Do Not Talk to the Insurance Company 

After the accident, the insurance company may try to contact you to acquire your statement. It is important to remember that insurance companies do not always have your best interests in mind. They have the power to manipulate or fabricate information, potentially withholding the compensation you deserve. This is where our team of experienced Albuquerque personal injury lawyers can step in.

By hiring our lawyers, you can rely on us to handle the details of your case, including communication with the insurance company. We will work diligently to ensure that your rights are protected and that no manipulated information affects the outcome of your personal injury case.

Don’t Sign Any Documents

It is generally advised to avoid signing any documents related to the accident, such as recorded statements or claim releases from the insurance company, as they can potentially counteract your claim and alter the results of your case.

Hurt In an Albuquerque Motorcycle Accident? Call Lerner and Rowe

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