Yuma boating accident injuries range in severity, and are sometimes fatal. It is important that you contact a Yuma Boat Accident Attorney at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys as soon as you or a loved one have been seriously hurt or fatally injured in a boating accident.

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Most Common Causes of Yuma Boat Accident Injuries

Many boating accidents in can be avoided by simply practicing common sense.

Having properly fitting life jackets, keeping a look out for other boats/personal water craft operators and following basic waterway rules can help significantly reduce your chances of a severe or fatal boating accident.

Common causes of boat accident injuries on Arizona lakes and waterways include:

  • Slippery boat deck
  • Improper boat maintenance
  • Passengers acting recklessly
  • Proper safety gear is not on vessel
  • Boat operator is driving distracted
  • Boat operator is driving recklessly
  • Vessel collides with another boat or underwater object
  • Boat operator is driving under the influence of drugs and / or alcohol

After you or a loved one has been injured in a boat accident, you need to report the incident within 48 hours to the Arizona Game and Fish Department.

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