How to Avoid Albuquerque Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

Albuquerque winter slip and fall

While slip and fall accidents can happen at any time of year, they are more common in the winter months. Ice, snow, and rain make surfaces slick, and a simple misstep can send even a surefooted person down. The number of Albuquerque winter slip and fall cases reported to our attorneys increase as the cold air enters the Rio Grande.

Avoiding Albuquerque winter slip and fall accidents requires a bit of thinking and mindfulness. The good news is that it takes a small bit of preparation, that is well worth it, to avoid a painful fall. 

To help you and your family stay safe from slip and fall injuries this winter, the Albuquerque personal injury lawyers at Lerner and Rowe offer the following safety tips.

Avoiding Albuquerque Winter Slip and Fall Accidents

How can you avoid a slip and fall accident during New Mexico winter? The answers are straightforward.

  • Keep your eye out for ice and snow on walkways. While we don’t get a lot of snow here in Albuquerque, there can still be enough to make the sidewalks slippery. If you see ice or snow on the walkway, try to go around. If you cannot, use caution.
  • Avoid puddles of water inside and outside exterior doors. As ice and snow starts to melt, it will leave water behind. If you see puddles of water around doorways, use caution. There could be ice or snow mixed into the water. Or it could render the surface very slick, especially with flat soled shoes.
  • Use handrails when going up and down stairs. Ice and snow can create slick spots on exterior stairways. When going up and down stairs, you shift your weight differently than when walking on a flat surface. This makes it easier for you to fall as you transverse the staircase, especially with slick spots.
  • Watch out for sprinkler systems and fountains spraying water onto walkways and stairs. Splashing water can leave a fine layer of ice on walking surfaces. If you see a sprinkler system or fountain going, use caution going around. You may find the walking surface slicker than normal.
  • Wear sturdy footwear. One way to avoid painful falls is to wear shoes and boots with good traction, especially in colder conditions. Wearing shoes with flat, smooth soles makes it difficult to gain traction in slick conditions. If you need to wear fancy flat-soled shoes, consider wearing boots outside and changing footwear after you go inside.
  • Report spills if you see them, especially outside or near exterior doors. In cold conditions, spilled water or even spilled food can create a slick spot that is hazardous to anyone walking in the area. A few seconds of your time could save other people from a painful fall.

Even a slightly wet surface can result in a serious slip or a hard fall. These types of accidents could lead to all sorts of catastrophic injuries. Some of the more severe cases our Albuquerque personal injury lawyers have seen include brain injuries, paralysis, and spinal cord damage.

Being a bit more cautious and prepared during the colder months can go a long way towards preventing an Albuquerque winter slip and fall accident.

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The simple steps above will help you avoid a winter injury in New Mexico. However, even taking precautions, these types of accidents can happen to anyone at any time. If you are involved in a slip and fall accident due to another person’s negligence, you need to seek legal assistance from a New Mexico injury attorney. Lerner and Rowe has recovered billions of dollars for our clients over the last 32 years and has helped more people than almost any law firm in America. Let us help you.

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