Arizona Golf Cart Accidents Lawyer

Arizona Golf Cart Accidents Lawyer

Arizona is home to hundreds of world-class golf courses. Thanks to the state’s arid climate, these golf courses can be enjoyed 365 days a year. This means thousands of golf carts operating throughout Arizona every day. It also means a higher-than-average chance of Arizona golf cart accidents.

Arizona golf cart accidents can happen for a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes they’re simply freak accidents. Other times, they’re caused by another party’s negligence or defective products. In those cases, the Arizona golf cart accidents lawyers at Lerner and Rowe can help you receive compensation for any injuries you’ve suffered because of a golf cart.

What Are Common Arizona Golf Cart Accidents Injuries?

Golf carts are capable of speeds faster than most people think they can reach. While many run under 15 mph, Arizona law allows for golf carts to operate as fast as 25 mph. Additionally, many golf carts use electric motors that allow for instantaneous torque. Between the relatively fast speeds, instant acceleration, and lack of protection, it’s no wonder that people suffer a wide assortment of injuries from golf cart accidents.

Some of the golf cart injuries our team has seen include:

While most people don’t associate golf carts with catastrophic injuries, they are a very real possibility if you’ve been in an accident. This is why you need an Arizona golf cart accidents lawyer on your side. Our attorneys have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies in order to get our clients fair compensation for their medical expenses, lost wages, ongoing treatment, pain and suffering, and more.

Why Do Golf Cart Accidents Happen?

Sometimes accidents happen for random reasons and nobody is to blame. Unfortunately, there are times when negligence is involved. Reckless drivers or those under the influence of alcohol and drugs may harm other golfers. The latter cases are particularly serious, since golf carts are treated similarly to other motor vehicles in Arizona and the state is known for its zero-tolerance DUI policy.

Malfunctioning equipment can also lead to a golf cart accident. In some cases, the party that rented you the golf cart may have done a poor job of maintaining it. In other cases, the manufacturer may have released a defective product. No matter the cause, a malfunctioning golf cart can lead to a serious injury, like the ones mentioned above.

Golf cart accidents can be complicated because of the number of parties involved. In addition to the driver that caused your injuries, you may have to deal with the owner of the golf course, the golf cart manufacturer, and their respective insurance companies. Similar to other motor vehicles, the Arizona Department of Transportation requires golf carts to carry insurance and registration.

Dealing with multiple parties while trying to recover from injuries can be physically and mentally taxing. Let the Arizona golf cart accidents lawyers at Lerner and Rowe take care of all your legal needs while you focus on recuperating.

Lerner is Dedicated to Serving You

The legal professionals at Lerner and Rowe are dedicated to winning you the highest compensation possible. Our team has the experience and skill to navigate the most complex Arizona golf cart accidents cases. Winning you the highest possible compensation is our highest priority and we have the track record to prove it.

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