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Los Angeles is one of the most popular cities in America for dockless scooters. Companies like Bird, Jump (an Uber company), Lime, Lyft, Spin, and Wheels have offered shareable scooters throughout LA County. While dockless scooters offers an affordable and convenient way to get around the city, they also present a new type of danger. If you’ve been injured in a shareable scooter crash then contact a Los Angeles dockless scooter accident attorney from Lerner and Rowe to learn how you can receive full and fast compensation.

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Los Angeles dockless scooter

What Are Los Angeles Dockless Scooters?

For people unfamiliar with this relatively new trend in transportation, dockless scooters are shared vehicles that can be found throughout Los Angeles. Users make an account with a transportation company and use its app to locate, unlock, and rent these scooters. 

Once a scooter is unlocked, the rider can drive it to their destination and leave it there for the next user to rent. In addition to being extremely convenient, shareable scooters are more affordable than taking a taxi or rideshare and more flexible than taking a Metro bus or subway.

According to the LA Department of Transportation (LADOT), people took 10.3-million Los Angeles dockless scooter rides spanning 8.4-million miles in LA County from April 2019 to March 2020. Shareable scooters have grown more popular since then. In fact, they’ve become so ubiquitous in LA that they’ve been used as jokes in pop culture, as seen in Apple TV’s Platonic.

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Why Are Shareable Scooters Dangerous?

Dockless scooters on their own are as safe as any other form of transportation. What makes shareable transportation dangerous is the nature of this form of transportation. The Los Angeles dockless scooter lawyer at Lerner and Rowe has successfully represented clients that have been injured in scooter crashes due to:

  • Driver Inexperience: many Los Angeles dockless scooter renters are unfamiliar with electric scooter capabilities, while others may not be familiar with LA streets. Some riders are surprised by how fast electric scooters are and how narrow their turning radius can be; this unfamiliarity can lead to scooter collisions. Others get into crashes with pedestrians or bicyclists because they don’t know the roads.
  • Unfamiliarity with Scooter Laws: some scooter renters are unfamiliar with Los Angeles scooter laws. They may not be familiar with who gets right of way, when to yield to others, and where they can or cannot ride. This lack of knowledge can lead to scooter crashes.
  • Impaired Driving: dockless scooters can be found wherever a previous renter left them. Unfortunately, bad decisions can be made when a person under the influence of alcohol or drugs sees an electric scooter. Driving a scooter drunk can be every bit as deadly as driving a car drunk.
  • Collisions with Unprotected People: while car accidents can be deadly, drivers and passengers are relatively protected compared to scooters drivers or the people they crash into. Since the people involved in scooter collisions aren’t protected by strong metal car frames, seat belts, or air bags, severe injuries can be suffered even if the impact is lower.

Types of Scooter Injuries

Scooter crashes can cause injuries as minor as bruises or scrapes and as major as paralysis or other life-altering injuries. Our Los Angeles dockless scooter accidents attorney has helped clients that have suffered from:

Additionally, our Los Angeles injury lawyer can help you file a wrongful death claim if you’ve lost a loved one in a scooter crash caused by another party.

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While Lerner and Rowe loves that Los Angeles has convenient and modern forms of transportation like shareable scooters, our team urges you to be careful while riding them and keep an eye out for renters. These safety tips from LA County are a great place to start. Unfortunately, some accidents will happen no matter how safe you’re being. If you’ve been injured in a scooter collision caused by another party then contact our Los Angeles scooter accident attorney for immediate assistance.

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