Los Angeles Rideshare Accident Lawyer

Rideshare services, such as Lyft and Uber, are extremely popular in the Los Angeles area. In fact, Uber cites Los Angeles as one of the five busiest cities in the world for rideshare bookings and one of the two busiest in the United States. With so much rideshare traffic in the city comes a higher number of car accidents involving rideshare drivers. If you’ve suffered injuries while riding in a Lyft or Uber vehicle then contact a Los Angeles rideshare accident lawyer to find out how to get the highest settlement possible for your accident.

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Los Angeles Rideshare Accident

Why Do Rideshare Accidents Happen?

Rideshare accident causes are the same as those that cause car accidents and passenger accidents. Our Los Angeles rideshare accident attorneys have successfully represented clients that received injuries due rideshare drivers that were guilty of:

Although the reasons for a rideshare accident can be the same as a typical car accident, getting compensation for injuries incurred in one can be very different. In many cases, getting a fair settlement can be more difficult. This is why you need a Los Angeles rideshare accident lawyer looking out for your best interests.

How Is a Rideshare Accident Different?

The main reason why getting money for a rideshare accident claim can be more difficult is because additional parties may be involved. This adds additional layers of complexity. 

If you suffer injuries as a car passenger then you will deal with the insurance company of the driver that caused the accident. If you suffer injuries as a rideshare passenger then your lawyer may deal with the driver’s insurance company and the rideshare company.

Essentially, you’ll have to deal with two profit-driven businesses that want to pay you as little money as possible. It’s also common for each party to attempt to push responsibility to the other. Meanwhile, you’re left dealing with the stress of negotiating with multiple insurance companies on top of the stress of recovering from an injury.

Do not let insurance companies rob you of money that’s rightfully yours. Let a Lerner and Rowe Los Angeles rideshare accident attorney take care of all your legal needs and cut through all the red tape so that you can focus on rest and recovery.

Contact a Los Angeles Rideshare Accident Lawyer

In a perfect world, insurance companies would pay you a fair settlement shortly after your accident and you wouldn’t need a personal injury lawyer. The reality is that these companies will do everything possible to devalue your injuries and pressure you into accepting a settlement that’s a fraction of what you deserve. 

Lerner and Rowe’s lawyers understand the true value of an accident claim, know how to defeat the tactics used by insurance companies, and have a proven track record of winning high settlements for our clients.

If you’ve been in a rideshare accident and you’re worried about being cheated by the insurance company then give us a call today at 310-INJURED or connect with us online through LiveChat and secure contact form. Lerner and Rowe has helped more than 150,000 injury victims receive justice–more than almost any other law firm in America. Getting the settlement you deserve takes one call, that’s all–a call to Lerner and Rowe.