Los Angeles Slip and Fall Lawyers

Slip and fall accidents can happen to anyone, anywhere, and at any time. According to the National Floor Safety Institute (NFSI), falls account for eight-million visits to the emergency room each year. Falls are especially common and more dangerous for senior citizens. In most cases, slip and fall accidents are preventable. If someone else’s negligence caused you or a loved one to suffer a fall injury, you could be entitled to compensation. Contact our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers for a free consultation today.

Los Angeles slip and fall accident lawyers

What Causes Slip and Falls?

Slip and fall accidents occur when someone slips and falls on slick, uneven, or damp surfaces. The ability to demonstrate negligence is crucial for a successful slip and fall personal injury claim. Slips and falls are brought on by another person’s negligence, such as a business that does not adequately label a wet floor or other hazard. The same applies to property owners. Other causes of slip and fall accidents that our Los Angeles personal injury lawyers have helped clients with include:

  • Slick surfaces
  • Obstacles in pathways 
  • Poorly kept carpets or floors 
  • Poor lighting
  • Spills
  • Missing or ineffective handrails

Most slip and fall cases are based on a theory of premises liability. This theory holds property owners and businesses responsible for preventable accidents that occur on their premises or premises they control. In order to prove the accident was brought on by negligence, you’ll need to prove not only that an unsafe condition existed, but also that the owner failed to use reasonable care to inspect or keep the premises maintained. 

The owner of the property or company may be held liable for your injury and losses if they were aware of the issue but did nothing to fix it within a reasonable amount of time.

Slip and Fall Injuries

Slip and fall injuries vary based on the situation. It is important to remember what might be a mild injury for a younger person due to a fall could end up as a catastrophic injury for someone over 65. In the most extreme cases, wrongful death is possible. Common injuries resulting from slip and fall accidents include: 

After suffering from a slip and fall, and deciding to pursue a personal injury case with one of our Los Angeles slip and fall lawyers, you must still justify your claim by providing evidence. This will help our experienced legal team build your case. Below are some examples of evidence that can support your slip and fall claim: 

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