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Albuquerque surgical error attorneys
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Surgeries are the most complex medical procedures. Because of this, surgeons, nurses, anesthesiologists, and other medical providers are required to undergo years of medical training. However, mistakes happen. When mistakes happen, patients suffer the consequences. These consequences may be permanent. Some surgical errors may even cause wrongful death.

If you believe that you or someone you love suffered serious injury or wrongful death from a surgical error, contact our team of Albuquerque surgical error attorneys as soon as possible. Our medical malpractice team works with knowledgeable medical professionals to look into every aspect of your case, fighting for the compensation you deserve.

When Do Surgical Errors Happen?

One may think that surgical errors mostly happen during complex or unique procedures. However, most surgical errors occur during routine procedures. Additionally, surgical errors can happen before, during, and after surgery. For instance, a medical provider may inadequately prepare the patient for surgery. Postoperatively, an infection may set in and go untreated. Errors that occur during surgery can also be devastating.

Regardless of what stage of procedure the patient is undergoing, or the complexity of the surgery, their medical providers should exercise a minimum acceptable level standard of care. If they do not uphold this level of care that causes serious injury, a medical malpractice case should be filed. So, if you have been harmed due to an error that occurred during surgery, call our Albuquerque surgical error attorneys right away.

What Surgical Errors are Common?

Things can go wrong during surgery for a variety of reasons. For instance:

  • Medical providers sometimes fail to adequately prepare patients for surgery. Namely, they may not convey special instructions, like fasting for 12 hours before arriving at the hospital to avoid complications with medication.
  • The provider may fail to do the appropriate preoperative tests or obtain a medical history from the patient. Additionally, they may not clearly state the risks involved with their procedure or withhold information about alternative treatments.
  • Surgical instruments, sponges, and needles are sometimes left inside the body after the surgical site has been sutured shut. This can cause pain, damage to the tissue surrounding the object, and infection.
  • A patient may undergo an unnecessary procedure.
  • Regardless of schooling, a medical provider may encounter a scenario they are ill-equipped to handle. At this time, they should seek the help of another provider or specialist immediately. Failing to do so can cause long-lasting effects on the patient.
  • An anesthesia error could cause brain damage or even wrongful death before medical providers are able to take action.
  • A patient may catch fire while being cauterized.
  • In extreme cases, medical providers have operated on the wrong side of the body, amputated the wrong limb, operated on an incorrect body part, or even on the wrong patient.

There are many more medical malpractice scenarios that can happen during surgery. If you believe that you or a loved one has suffered harm from a surgical error that could have been prevented, you need skilled Albuquerque surgical error attorneys on your side.

That’s Where Lerner and Rowe Come In

Since patients are under anesthesia during surgery, they have no idea what exactly happened to their own bodies. That’s why our attorneys will thoroughly investigate each aspect of your case from pre-op to discharge. Most importantly, we know how to fight for compensation to cover your medical bills, pain and suffering, lost time from work, lost wages, and the loss of your normal life.

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