Winter Bus Accidents – What to do if you’re injured!

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winter bus accident injury
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Winter Bus Accident Injury?

You have a lot of options when choosing your commute to work or your child’s way to school. If you own your own vehicle, you may choose to travel with your child to school and then go on to your job. You may entrust your child to a carpool or on a school bus. If you do not have your own vehicle, you may take advantage of public transportation.

In Chicago, you have options like the subway and the city buses. Options like these keep you out of the cold and off dangerous winter roads. But what if you suffer from a winter bus accident injury? Check out our information below.

How Safe is Public Transportation?

The answer? Very safe. In fact, many consider public transportation safer than driving on the road themselves. This is true for almost all forms of public transportation, including airplanes. Public transportation is more regulated, and, therefore, protects passengers by eliminating risk factors.


Buses, including both city and tour buses, are also considered safe. While these buses have no seatbelts, the seats are designed to keep passengers in place while in motion and in case of sudden stops. This design helps you avoid winter bus accident injury.

School Buses

Many school buses also do not have seatbelts. Again, the seats are constructed in a way that keeps children in their spots. Some states however do require lap belts. If you live in Florida, New Jersey or New York, your child has an added layer of security on their drive to school.

What Icy Risks Exist in Winter?

Driving in winter poses more risks than any other season, especially in Chicago. The same risk factors exist for personal drivers as they do for buses. See below for some of the factors that could cause winter bus accident injury.

Decreased Visibility

Snow, sleet, spray, and grey winter conditions can make it difficult to see. If you are a driver, keep your lights on so buses can see you coming.

Slippery Roads and Black Ice

Buses have a lot more weight to them than your personal vehicle. This means that there is less chance of sliding. Most drivers will slow down in case they hit unexpected or black ice. Anticipate this in your commute and head out the door a bit earlier.

What You Can Do

Riding public transportation is safe option. However, even with all their regulations in place, sometimes there isn’t much you can do to avoid a winter bus accident injury. However, if it does happen to you, you know who to call.

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