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Complex spine injuries are generally the result of an accident or tragic event caused by another person, entity or product. In extreme cases, a person with a spinal injury may suffer long term paralysis, losing mobility of a limb, or multiple body functions.

Spinal cord injuries are very serious and will require months or years of expensive medical treatment and rehabilitation.

If you or a loved one has sustained a spinal cord injury in an accident you should contact a Seattle spinal injury attorneyas soon as you can after the injury occurs. Because spinal cord injuries are so serious, expensive, and not to mention life altering, you need a qualified spinal injury attorney fighting for damages to cover your expenses so that you can rest and heal.

Spinal Cord Injury Attorney Consultation

Soon after a complex spinal cord injury occurs, it is important to contact a Seattle spinal injury attorney. There are specific time frames (statutes of limitation) in which you may file a claim after you have sustained a complex spinal cord injury. A Lerner and Rowe personal injury attorney is familiar with spinal cord injuries, the circumstances and outcomes of spinal cord injury cases and the treatment and rehabilitation the victim of a spinal cord injury will be required to endure in order to recover from the injury.

Spinal Attorneys for Washington Spinal Cord Injuries

Common causes of spinal injuries include:

  • Motorcycle/car accidents
  • Slip and Falls
  • Extreme sports and recreational injuries
  • Penetrating trauma injuries (gunshot/stab wounds)

Seattle Spinal Injury Attorney Consultations

The spinal attorneys at Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys have extensive experience in defending spinal cord injury victims. Our spinal attorneys know how to handle complex traumatic spinal injury cases. Call us at 844-977-1900 to schedule an appointment with a spinal injury attorney right away.

Can’t come to our Seattle office? We will be happy to send a spinal injury attorney to visit you. We are prepared to protect your legal rights; Lerner and Rowe will get you the compensation you deserve for your spinal cord injury so all you have to do is heal.

You may also complete and submit the case evaluation form online. A member of our personal injury team will contact you within 24-hours; specifically to discuss the exact circumstances leading to your spinal cord injury and the details of your medical prognosis. After gathering all information, a spinal attorney can then begin to estimate the cost of your current recovery; as well as your medical expenses in the future.

If you need immediate attention, please contact the office directly at 844-977-1900 to schedule your free consultation. Our Seattle spinal attorneys work on a contingency basis, which means you will not pay any attorney fees unless we win your case.