New Mexico Uber and Taxi Accidents Lawyer

New Mexico Uber and Taxi Accidents Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury during an Uber or Lyft wreck in New Mexico, it’s in your best interest to connect with a New Mexico Uber and taxi accidents lawyer from Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys. After all, an auto accident can be complicated enough between two private owners. Mix in the complicated rideshare insurance policies and multiple parties, and you have much more complex rideshare claims on your hands.

At Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys, our local legal team has decades of experience successfully representing personal injury claims and wrongful death claims throughout New Mexico. That includes rideshare claims, and any injuries involving Uber, Lyft, and other rideshare and taxi services. Call us today at 505-544-4444, talk online through our LiveChat feature, or fill out this FREE online form to set up for free case evaluation and consultation and learn how we might help you after an accident. 

Why Sue for a Rideshare Accident in New Mexico?

If you were a passenger during a New Mexico rideshare collision, there’s a strong chance you played no role in causing your own injury. That means that someone else is to blame for reckless or negligent actions that now cause you pain and suffering.

While your injuries can range in severity, it’s likely that you are facing a mountain of medical bills and other expenses. It shouldn’t be your responsibility to cover these costs. Rather, the insurance companies covering the negligent party should pay you financial compensation.

Financial compensation can help families in a big way after a New Mexico Uber and Lyft crash. This is because the amount of compensation you may receive can cover your past and current costs that you face due to the accident. It can also help pay any future expenses you may incur due to your injuries. In this way, financial compensation can profoundly improve the lives of victims and their families after a rideshare accident, especially if the injured party has lost the time from work. 

If you are facing injury caused by a rideshare collision, it is important to act fast. The statute of limitations in New Mexico for personal injury claims is only three years. This means you only have three years from the date of your accident to file your claim. 

How Does a Ride Sharing Accident Attorney in New Mexico Help Win Compensation?

After an Uber or Lyft crash, you may not feel confident in who or what caused your accident. Figuring out who was liable is a nuanced process anyways, in any kind of crash. But, when it comes to rideshare collisions, the process is even more complicated.

For example, your Uber or Lyft driver is responsible for carrying their own insurance, and could be liable for your accident. But, in other situations, the rideshare company itself might be to blame. They may have caused your accident by breaking the law in some way. Then, their insurance company would need to cover your costs. Unfortunately, your rideshare claim only gets more nuanced from there.

Rideshare Personal Injury Is Complicated

Uber considers its drivers to be independent contractors, and cannot fire their drivers without significant proof of misconduct. This gives drivers more freedom to act recklessly with little consequence, and blocks victims from seeking compensation against Uber.

In addition, most rideshare companies hire aggressive insurance companies that attempt to lowball your offer of financial compensation by minimizing your injuries, speaking with you before you leave the hospital, and using other underhanded tactics. Thankfully, you’re not alone as you navigate the ins and outs of your rideshare claim.

An experienced lawyer from Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys will be able to determine who was liable for your accident by collecting extensive evidence and building a case on your behalf

Liable parties may include the rideshare company, the driver, the drivers of other vehicles involved, another passenger in the vehicle, and others. 

Contact a New Mexico Uber and Lyft Accidents Lawyer

A New Mexico Uber and taxi accidents lawyer from Lerner and Rowe will be able to assist you during your ride-sharing accident claim or lawsuit. We have many years experience serving clients statewide as your New Mexico auto accident lawyer, seeking compensation from other auto accidents. Our New Mexico personal injury attorneys are based out of Albuquerque, with the ability to assist those injured in a Santa Fe, Roswell, Las Cruces, or Rio Rancho car accident. 

To reach us, just call 505-544-4444, fill out our FREE online form, or talk via LiveChat. We’re committed to providing excellent communications, so we’re available 24/7 and even on weekends. Don’t hesitate to seek compensation for your rideshare accident injuries- schedule your free, no obligation consultation today.