Albuquerque Passenger Injury Lawyers

Were you hurt in a car wreck, but you weren’t driving?

You were just a passenger minding your own business, not distracting the driver or blocking his or her view, and bam, you’re in an accident due to negligence on the part of the person driving the car you were in. Now what do you do? Who do you turn to for help?

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What could I be entitled to in compensation for passenger injuries?

A personal injury attorney must take several factors into consideration before he or she can determine how much a passenger hurt in a car wreck might be entitled to in compensation. It must be established who was at fault in the accident, what the full extent of the injuries are and how much money was lost in wages due to the injuries caused in the accident.

Once all of the above has been determined, you may very well be entitled to receive financial compensation for your injuries and other damages, which may include:

  • Lost current and future wages
  • Medical costs and expenses
  • Pain and suffering

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No two passenger injury accidents or cases are alike. This is a very highly specialized area of the law, which means you need a highly skilled personal injury lawyer working on your behalf. If you want to get the maximum amount of compensation you’re entitled to under the law, you need highly experienced passenger injury lawyers representing you.

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