Benefit of a Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer

If someone has been injured in a car accident, the most important thing that they can do is contact an attorney. The insurance company does not have the person’s best interests at heart. An insurance company uses anything the person says against them. The benefit of a Las Vegas car accident lawyer is having someone on your side when dealing with an insurance company. It may be critical to contact a distinguished personal injury attorney regarding the severity of your injury and how to pursue damages for harm suffered.

The most important thing a person should know about car accident cases in Las Vegas is that they should not talk to the insurance company. Anything they say can be used against them. If someone is really hurt, they should get to the doctor or emergency room as soon as possible. They should hire Lerner and Rowe Injury Attorneys as soon as they can to have somebody on their side fighting for them.

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Importance of Seeking Medical Care

The benefit of a Las Vegas car accident lawyer’s presence early on in the case can especially help those who do not have access to medical care. If they do not have health insurance, an attorney can help find doctors for potential clients. They can work with the individual on a lien, so they can get medical care. They do not pay anything upfront until the case settles and paying the medical bills out of the settlement.

Why Not Speak to a Family Doctor?

If someone goes to a family doctor, they may not be as familiar with soft tissue injuries. They might order an x-ray if the person complains of pain in a part of their body. If a break isn’t obvious on the x-ray, the family or general practitioner may prescribe aspirin. They may also suggest to come back in a couple of weeks. The problem is that gap in treatment can hurt their case. The insurance company points out the gap in medical care and claims the person could not be that injured.

Unfortunately, a jury agrees with the insurance company even though the injured person followed their doctor’s instructions. As the case proceeds, they find that the person had serious injuries; the insurance can claim a big of a gap in treatment; or, the injuries are unrelated to the accident.

When to Contact a Lawyer

After an accident, the injured person should first seek medical help. Before speaking to anyone from their insurance company or the other party’s insurance company, an individual should speak with a car accident attorney. They should call their own insurance company to inform them that they had an accident. They should let the insurance company know that they are going to an emergency room. A Las Vegas car accident lawyer will speak with the insurance company on your behalf. Also, they will not discuss their injuries or anything like that with the insurance company.

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