Recoverable Damages after a Chicago Truck Accident

Parties involved with the operation of a truck are responsible for the damage caused by the negligent operation. This could potentially include the driver and their insurance companies. In order to hold this party responsible and pursue any compensation for damages suffered, it is important to consult with a Chicago truck accident lawyer.

 An experienced attorney can assist in walking you through the claims process; and ensure that all necessary time limits met.

Chicago Truck Accident

Types of Chicago Truck Accident Damages

A person injured in a truck accident can recover for all of the medical expenses associated with the injuries. People can recover for all of the property damage sustained by their vehicles. They also can recover for the pain and suffering associated with the injuries incurred in the accident.

The injured party can recover for lost income and diminished future earning capacity. They can recover for any scarring or disfigurement that they may have endured as a result of the accident.

In a select cases, depending on the behavior and conduct for associated parties, the injured party could recover punitive damages. In the unfortunate instance where death happens, special rules apply for the recovery for a wrongful death.

Insurance Coverage

The driver’s auto insurance will generally cover damage to their vehicle under the collision portion of the insurance policy. Individuals may also have a medical pay portion; which often pays up to around the first $5,000 of their medical bills. In addition to that coverage, drivers may have available uninsured motorist coverage. It is rare for a plaintiff to seek recovery under the under-insured or uninsured motorist provisions because most have liability insurance. Without liability insurance, trucks would not be able to operate.

Role of an Attorney

One of the most important roles a lawyer plays: identify all possible parties involved. The truck driver may have their own policy; the owner of the truck and the owner of the trailer could have a separate policy. In addition to that, there could be a truck brokerage firm involved, and the carrier may have separate insurance from the party hiring the truck to deliver the goods — who could also have an insurance policy triggered by an accident. Sorting through the complex group of parties involved in the operation of a truck and their corresponding insurance coverage is an important role of a truck accident lawyer.

Steps Taken to Recover Chicago Truck Accident Damages

One of the first steps a lawyer will take in a Chicago truck accident case is to put all of the involved parties on notice to alert others to the fact that the attorney is now representing the injured plaintiff and all future inquiries should be directed toward the lawyer and not the plaintiff. The next step is gathering and securing all accessible evidence by putting the possible defending parties on notice that they are to preserve evidence, and that failing to do so could have consequences if the matter proceeds further to trial. From there, the truck accident lawyer will begin the process of building their client’s claim, which includes collecting all of their medical records and evaluating their treatment plan to develop the most effective way to present the plaintiff’s claim to the defendant.

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