Northwest Indiana Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer

Most personal injuries are minor and a person might miss a couple of days or weeks from work and return fully-healed and ready to go. The same cannot be said for suffering a spinal cord injury. People are often out of work for months or even years, and some never return to work again.

The re-hospitalization rates are high for people with spinal cord injuries. While the complications that cause these hospital visits are problem enough, they also put extreme financial pressure on an individual and their immediate families. The combination of hospital bills and everyday expenses can put the average person in a hole difficult to overcome.

A Northwest Indiana spinal cord injury lawyer understands these pressures and will work to provide you with the financial compensation and justice that you deserve. Consult a compassionate catastrophic injury that can advocate for you.

Spinal Cord Injury Distinctions

Spinal cord injuries can occur in any place, but mostly happen when an individual is at work. The reasoning for a spinal cord injury is simple despite the immense amount of pain a person is feeling. Spinal cord injuries happen when the nerves that constitute the spinal cord damaged.

Complete spinal cord injury consists of two distinct categories worthy of discussion. The first is paraplegia where a person loses the sensation and movement in their legs, bladder, bowels, and also, sexual organs. The second: tetraplegia; where a person can potentially experience the loss of hand and arm movement also with other paraplegia effects.

A Merrillville spinal cord injury attorney will be experienced with all forms of spinal cord injury and will strive to produce positive results that protect their client from financial ruin.

Deadlines for Filing Personal Injury Claims

It is important that a person know about deadlines for filing personal injury claims in Indiana. According to the law, a person has two years to file a personal injury claim in state court. The statute of limitations begins the day of a person’s accident.

While some people may be aware of this information, there are a lot of people who probably do not know about any filing deadlines. Retaining the services of a professional Merrillville spinal cord injury lawyer is crucial for anyone suffering a spinal cord injury. A Northwest Indiana spinal cord injury attorney may know about these deadlines and can also make sure that their client feels well-prepared to meet them and informed about any other time-sensitive matters.

A Merrillville Spinal Cord Injury Lawyer Can Help

Suffered a spinal cord injury and worried about your future? Contact a Northwest Indiana spinal cord injury lawyer who can assist you throughout the legal process.

A capable catastrophic injury attorney can work tirelessly in an attempt to ensure protection for as long as you need. So, don’t wait! Contact us today!