Northwest Indiana Dog Bite Lawyer

A dog bite can cause serious and painful injuries to a person, especially on the limbs, or the face; especially true for a child. A bite or attack by a dog could happen while out jogging or visiting a friend’s home. Just because a dog is a pet does not mean they are not capable of being aggressive, territorial, or protective of its owners or property.

Wounds from a dog bite can be severe depending on the depth of the puncture and the part of the body bitten. Most dog bites require medical attention and subsequent recovery after a dog bite wound could mean medical visits, time out of work, and lasting emotional scars. A Northwest Indiana dog bite lawyer can assess your case to help you determine if you may collect on damages suffered because of the attack. Contact a distinguished personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

Merrillville Dog Bite Laws

Indiana is a strict liability state, which means that an owner is liable for a dog bite regardless of whether they had prior knowledge that the dog had an aggressive propensity or would act viciously based on past behavior. A Northwest Indiana dog bite lawyer can help someone prove that the dog owner is liable.

Strict liability essentially obligates dog owners to take reasonable care to protect others from the danger their dog may pose. Failure to protect others from an animal’s aggression is a violation of law. However, these laws do not apply to any canines owned by the government, such as a police or military dog, that is carrying out official duties.

Owner Liability for Unprovoked Dog Bites

Merrillville code of law IC 15-20-1-3 stipulates that if the person who is bitten by a dog was not doing anything to provoke the animal and was on the property in order to fulfill his or her legal duty, the owner will be held liable for all damages that the victim suffers.

Northwest Indiana dog bite lawyers know that this law applies primarily to mail carriers, law enforcement officers, firefighters, etc., who are at the greatest risk of dog bites on a regular basis when entering properties to do their work. If this statute applies, proving liability in the dog bite case may be much simpler.

Recoverable Damages in Merrillville

A dog bite can cause serious injury, skin infections, and open wounds to the limbs, torso, or face. These wounds may require multiple medical procedures like skin grafts or scar reduction treatments to allow the patient full recovery. Northwest Indiana dog bite lawyers have seen cases where a dog attack could cause serious health complications.

Typical Recovery Cost for Injuries

Total costs of recovery from a serious dog bite can reach upwards of $35,000 in severe cases. These medical costs can compound with wage loss and the emotional or psychological trauma can require additional therapies.

A victim could receive financial compensation if the dog owner found responsible; especially if proven that the owner acted in reckless disregard of the safety of others.

Defending the Victims of Dog Bites

A dog bite can result is lasting scars for the victim, both physical and psychological. If a dog bite could have been prevented had the owner taken better care to safeguard against an attack; the owner should be held accountable for negligence or disregard for safety that caused the victim to suffer. There could be compensation for the damages suffered from a dog bite if the owner is at fault. Contact a Northwest Indiana dog bite lawyer to defend your rights in your dog bite case.