Northwest Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer

One would expect that a licensed professional specifically trained to drive a large commercial truck would make the operation of those large trucks safer on the road for all those travelers who share the road with them. People assume that the extra training involved would make the drivers better prepared to handle potential challenges.

However, many of these drivers must work rigorous schedules that cause them to lose awareness of their surroundings and diminish their ability to operate a large commercial truck safely.  Often trucking companies are found to have placed their profits ahead of the safety of travelers who encounter the trucks on the road.

The National Center for Statistics and Analysis released a report in 2013 that documents that large commercial trucks were responsible for eight percent of the total number of fatal crashes in the United States. Trucks account for only four percent of total vehicles on the road and about ten percent of total miles traveled.

It is important for people to understand that large commercial trucks are extremely dangerous, and no amount of professional training is going to change this fact. Anyone injured by these kinds of vehicles has a higher risk for suffering a major injury or becoming a fatality.

Involved in a truck accident and want to review your legal options with an experienced legal representative? Retain the services of a Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyer.

What Are Truck Accident Risks in Indiana?

Even though national reports on trucking accidents highlight the possible dangers, statewide statistics make it more personal and relevant to those living in that particular state.For example, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration published a study in 2013 emphasizing the seriousness of commercial truck accidents in Indiana.

They reported that there were a total of 1,044 fatal crashes in the state. 130 of them resulted from a crash involving large trucks. So, this means that 12.5 percent of all fatal crashes in Indiana resulted from accidents involving large trucks.

Fatal accidents cause serious pain and anguish to hundreds of families. This pain, combined with motor vehicle collision costs reaching over $4 billion in Indiana, makes having legal representation from a Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyer necessary.

Major Causes of Truck Accidents

Understanding the consequences of truck accidents is so important. Travelers should also know the major causes of truck accidents in order to avoid them.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration reports that there are certain truck accident scenarios that cause a majority of the fatalities and also injuries. They include:

These common scenarios have possibility of prevention if careful truck drivers while on the road. Through reasonable investigation and common strategies for gathering evidence, the truck driver’s negligence may be easily proven in so many cases; but those injured by the negligence of a truck driver need to exercise their legal right. A lawyer can protect their claims for their injuries. Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyers are so ready to help in an injured victim’s time of need.

First Steps Following a Truck Accident

There is no guarantee that every person involved in an accident with a large commercial truck will receive compensation. Indeed, sometimes the driver of the passenger car, and not the truck driver, caused the accident.  Nevertheless, anyone injured in an accident involving a large commercial truck should meet with an experienced truck accident lawyer.

Hiring a lawyer to review and analyze the accident. We can provide a fair and also accurate assessment of the cause is the smart first step after an accident.  Listening to the trucking or insurance company may reduce the value of the claim or the permanent loss of rights.

Involved in a truck accident and unsure about your next steps? You should contact a Northwest Indiana truck accident lawyer who will stand up to any opposing parties and also ensure that you receive what is rightfully owed to you and your family.