Northwest Indiana Brain Injury Lawyer

Brain injuries are not always severe. A victim will sometimes suffer a few symptoms for only a short period of time before reaching a full recovery. However, in cases of traumatic brain injury (TBI) the damage can be permanent.

A traumatic brain injury (or TBI) happens from a bump or blow to the head or a penetrating head injury that causes serious damage and interrupts the standard function of the brain. A traumatic brain injury may also be caused by severe whiplash or whipping of the neck and spine.

It is important to remember that not all blows to the head result in brain damage, and a traumatic brain injury can range from a mild to severe. The majority of brain injuries are mild and are generally classified as concussions.

If a person has suffered a brain injury due to an accident and believes a negligent party is responsible, they should retain the services of an experienced personal injury attorney who can help you seek to determine the scope of the treatment needed and the associated cost. Victim of a brain injury caused by a physical assault or an accident? Contact a Northwest Indiana brain injury lawyer.

Common Brain Injuries

While brain trauma can range in severity and scope, there are a number of common head injuries that require medical attention as quickly as possible. Even with increased awareness from major sporting leagues and doctor’s offices, an injured person should be on the lookout for any symptoms and should seek the opinion of a trusted medical professional. The most common forms of brain accident injuries include concussion, contusion, coup and contrecoup, diffuse axonal injury, and penetration.

Concussion commonly happen from a blow to the head or a violent shaking of the head and body. Contusion means a brain bruise. Coup and contrecoup is when a moving object hits a person’s head, causing the brain to strike the front and back of the skull. Diffuse axonal injury is an extensive legions in white matter tracts occur over a widespread area. It causes a brain’s nerve and muscle tissue to tear. Penetration is when an object or bone fragment cuts into the brain.

People suffering these head or brain injuries must seek treatment from a medical professional as soon as possible.  Some injuries require continued medical monitoring to properly diagnose the injury and the proper care. A severe brain injury may permanently impair brain function and require long-term care. A Northwest Indiana brain injury lawyer will be able to handle the gravity of these injuries. We will work as hard to get a person fair compensation from an insurance company or any relevant parties.

Working with a Northwest Indiana Brain Injury Lawyer

Not every accident results in a traumatic brain injury, but these injuries are more common than many people would believe. Even a symptom as common as a headache may be an indication of a possible traumatic brain injury. Proper medical evaluation and care immediately after an accident is the only way to be sure.

An experienced attorney will help an accident victim get the needed care. They will protect their rights if diagnosed with a traumatic brain injury. Victim of accident and with signs of a traumatic brain injury? Contact a Northwest Indiana brain injury lawyer. They will investigate your claim, protect your rights and help you recover all the money you deserve.

Brain injuries are considered more serious than other bodily injuries because the brain lacks the ability to heal itself.  Often victims of a brain injury accident will be diagnosed with a mild concussion that may later be discovered to be much more severe.  They will work closely with medical professionals to determine the severity of the brain trauma, what ongoing treatment may be necessary and what compensation you may deserve.