Northwest Indiana Bike Accident Lawyer

Bicycles are an ecologically friendly and functionally efficient means of transportation; usually safe as long as motorists and bicyclists alike share the road and obey the law.   Unfortunately, serious accidents can occur when individuals ignore the rules of the road, causing a collision.  And an accident between a bicycle and a car often result in serious injuries to the bicyclist.

After a serious bicycle accident, most people require help dealing with the trauma. Whether the accident ends in death, serious or minor injuries, to recover damages, and an experienced injury attorney can help.

While healing from an accident, a Northwest Indiana bike accident lawyer can work to ensure fair compensation.

Establishing Liability in Bicycle Accidents

One way an experienced bike accident attorney in Northwest Indiana can help: consult state and local traffic laws. In Indiana, a comparative fault state, an injury victim can still work to recover damages.

An accident attorney in Merrillville has the resources to thoroughly research. They will apply the traffic laws to support a bicycle accident claim and properly establish fault for the accident.

Explore Indiana State Code related to bicycle use in Indiana Code Sections 9-21-11-1 through 9-21-11-14.

Merrillville local law related to bicycle use can be found in the Merrillville, Indiana Code of Ordinances, Chapter 12, Article V.

Steps to Building a Claim

After an accident, the first steps an attorney takes: investigate the case and notify all the adverse parties of representation. While the attorney takes the necessary legal action, the person injured in the accident should focus on medical treatment and recovery.

Investigating a bike accident begins with processes such as talking with the client, gathering pictures related to the accident, interviewing witnesses, ordering police reports, and collecting medical information. It is important to gather this information as quickly as possible to expediently file paperwork with the relevant insurance companies.

A Northwest Indiana bike accident lawyer’s goal is to advocate firmly and aggressively for their client in pretrial settlement talks or, if those negotiations fail, at trial. When the involved insurance companies choose not to offer fair compensation, an experienced attorney will advise the client to file a lawsuit.

The parties engage in discovery, a process where each side seeks information from the other through the production of documents, answers to interrogatories or written questions and depositions. Through the diligent pursuit of important information in the discovery process, an experienced attorney will work hard to prepare for an effective presentation of the evidence at trial.

Potential Damages

Evidence of physical injuries can include an individual’s medical records and bills, and sometimes their doctor’s statements. Sources for economic losses includes a variety of sources, including statements from the client’s employer. Some people suffer significant trauma that requires long-term care due to an accident.

Contacting An Attorney

A Merrillville attorney will investigate the various losses sustained by their client after an accident and gather evidence to support their claims. Contact a Northwest Indiana bike accident lawyer today so we can help.