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Some people experience a great sense of freedom and adventure when they go boating. Boating can be a true escape from the daily demands of life. Despite those feelings, operating a boat brings with it great responsibility for the safety of those on board and other boaters.

There are times where people can be too carefree while boating, and they can become unaware of potential dangers that should be obvious. This lack of awareness can lead to unfortunate accidents that cause serious personal injuries. The risk of injury when boating should keep everyone focused and attentive to proper boating safety.

If you were involved in a boating accident and suffered an injury, you would benefit from the help of a Northwest Indiana boat accident lawyer who knows the specific boating laws in Indiana and can hold those responsible for their actions.

What Are Indiana Boating Laws?

Avoiding excessive alcohol usage while boating is one of the more obvious rules, but there are other rules, including a state requirement where motorboat operators in Indiana must take and pass a boat safety course and have an up-to-date Boating Safety Certificate before legally operating a motorboat on the water.

There are rules that dictate how a boating operator must behave when they have passengers on board. Indiana statute IC 14-15-3-3 legally mandates that a boat operator must act in a “careful and prudent manner” and must show due regard for the following:

  • The rights, safety, and property of other persons.
  • The conditions and hazards, actual and potential, then existing, including weather and density of traffic.
  • Possible injury to the person or property of other persons.

These laws were enacted to reduce the risk of boating accidents and keep the Indiana people safe. Nevertheless, laws cannot prevent all boating accidents from happening. They only deter future misconduct by punishing those who break the law.

A victim of a boating accident should definitely seek the services of a dedicated boat accident lawyer in Northwest Indiana. They can apply Indiana boating laws and hold those who caused the accident responsible for the resulting injuries.

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Boat accident victims must know that they can receive financial compensation for their injuries.

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