Northwest Indiana Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Each day we walk outside and get into our cars. We do not think about what would happen if we were to crash on the way to our destination. Most people never consider the possibility of paralysis. Even so, paralysis is a risk you take every day when you get into your vehicle. If you are in an accident and sustain a spinal injury, you may also be at risk of paraplegia. If this ever happens you will need an experienced Northwest Indiana paralysis injury lawyer to handle your case.

The causes of paralysis are vast. It could have been an injury from a car accident, truck accident, motorcycle accident, work injury, gun shot, slip and fall, negligent care, drug side effect, surgery or medical malpractice.

Paralysis and Paraplegia

Out of the 12,000 new spinal injury cases each year an estimated 26% end up with complete paraplegia. In a typical paralysis accident, the victim can generally expect an average of two weeks in the hospital and an additional month or more of rehabilitation at a rehab center. A large majority of accidents that lead to paralysis are caused by a car crash.

Once a paralysis patient is discharged from the rehab center, about 85% of them will go home to be cared for by family or home medical staff. The other 15% must go to nursing homes or a group home because their family is unable to provide the amount of care they require. Speaking with an experienced Northwest Indiana paralysis injury attorney can provide family with much-needed information on where to go next.

Types of Injuries

The spinal cord is made up of a bunch of nerves and the nerves travel from the brain to the vertebrae, and down to the extremities. The spinal cord is responsible for transmitting information to the brain. When the spinal cord becomes impaired due to an injury, it interrupts those messages. This can lead to temporary or permanent paralysis.

The type of paralysis a person will face depends on the severity of the trauma they endured in the accident and the specific area of the body affected. Many brain and spinal injuries can cause paralysis. The amount of paralysis will determine the limitations a person will have for the rest of their lives. The patient may have limited ability to move and also, function independently. A qualified paralysis injury lawyer in Northwest Indiana can work with medical professionals to ensure an accurate estimate of the lifetime cost of your injury.

Long-Term Paralysis Needs

Victims of paralysis often require assistance from another person or a facility in order to perform day to day tasks. There may also be a need for medical equipment such as lifts, specialty chairs, specialty vehicles, feeding tubes, wheelchairs, catheters and other equipment depending on the exact nature of the paralysis. Your doctors can work in conjunction with your Northwest Indiana paralysis injury lawyer to determine the long-term cost of these services.

Dealing with a life change such as paralysis is always difficult for the victim as well as the victim’s family. The emotional, financial, and physical issues paralysis creates are devastating to a family. Regardless of age, a tragedy that results in this condition can hit any home; almost no one knows how to deal with such a tragedy. A lawyer will help you sort through long term financial issues; so that both the victim and their family can start the process of healing.

Consulting With A Northwest Indiana Paralysis Injury Lawyer

When an accident occurs that results in spinal cord injury or paralysis, it should be handled similar to but with much more detail in comparison to other personal injury cases. Contacting an experienced paralysis lawyer right after an injury is immensely important to ensure a paralysis victim receives the best medical care in the fastest manner. Take pictures and videos of the accident scene, property damage, injuries, and post-operative scarring.

Keep all hospital and medical records, witness and mental health documentation, medications, other treatment costs; documentation of alterations made to the victim’s home and any other expenses related to the paralysis injury. Your Northwest Indiana paralysis injury attorney will use all of this information to determine an adequate amount of compensation.