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Research from the National Spinal Cord Injury Statistical Center shows that there are over 17,000 spinal cord injury cases reported each year, and over 291,000 Americans currently suffer from a spinal cord-related injuries.

If a person is suffering from severe emotional and physical pain due to a spinal injury, they should retain the services of an established Chicago spinal injury attorney who will know how to effectively negotiate with an insurance company and maneuver in court to get them a proper financial settlement.

Types of Spinal Cord Injuries

Spinal cord injuries are extremely complex and can potentially last for the rest of a person’s life. Some injuries are less serious than others and have a higher probability of occurring after an accident.

These injuries can exist in different forms, and each present their own unique challenges. A person can have a combination of complete and incomplete spinal cord injuries, along with either paraplegia or tetraplegia.

A complete spinal cord injury means total compression of the cord; one will have no feeling below the point of injury. An incomplete spinal cord injury means partial compression or damage. However, some feeling below the injury still occurs.

Similarly, paraplegia is described as either complete or incomplete paralysis; especially that may affect a person’s lower half but not the arms. Tetraplegia is described as either a complete or incomplete paralysis that affects all four limbs on a person’s body. The most common forms of spinal cord injuries that warrant contact with a spinal injury attorney in Chicago are:

  • Incomplete Tetraplegia: 45% of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Incomplete Paraplegia: 21% of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Complete Paraplegia: 20% of all spinal cord injuries.
  • Complete Tetraplegia: 14% of all spinal cord injuries.

Whenever a person experiences any form of spinal cord injury, it is crucial that they reach out and obtain the services of a qualified attorney. Although many people recover from these types of injuries, many never regain the full range of motion that they experienced prior to the accident. An experienced Chicago spinal injury attorney will know the different tactics that other lawyers and insurance companies will use to lessen a person’s settlement and will actively fight to get their client what they deserve.

Understanding Illinois Injury Laws

The injured person must prove that the party they are suing is legally responsible. Often multiple parties contributed to the cause of the accident and each may receive responsibility for their contribution to the accident and the resulting injuries. Each party defendant may have unique defenses to the claims against them and the attorney for the plaintiff must address each defense.

Another important aspect about spinal injury cases is that the injured party may incur resulting medical expenses for continued care for the remainder of his or her life. Therefore, the claims against the defendants must seek to recover past medical expenses and lost wages in addition to anticipated future medical expenses.

Indeed, an accident victim suffering from a spine injury must construct a reasonable estimate of all of their future expenses. An accident victim only receives one opportunity to recover from the defendants. They cannot come back years later and claim to need more money for medical expenses.

Many people are not aware of the specific laws and negotiating tactics for an advantage when seeking a settlement. One should obtain legal representation as quickly as possible and get the best chance to secure your long-term future.

Contacting A Spinal Injury Attorney

Spinal injuries need delicate handling with swift accuracy and attention to detail. Received a spinal injury and believe that another person’s negligence has caused you pain? Contact a Chicago spinal injury attorney who will fight for your rights. Call today for a free consultation about a spinal injury.

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